Who Needs a Financial Advisor?

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Everyone’s different, so our finances naturally need different things. Younger people don’t need the same financial help as retirees. Employees don’t need the same thing as business owners.

But wherever you are in your financial journey, there can be benefits to speaking to a financial advisor. Here’s a few examples of people an advisor could help.

What Could an Advisor Offer . . .

...a business owner?

Owning a business means wearing a lot of hats and keeping an endless number of balls in the air at a time. Your finances are probably complex, and your taxes seem to get more complicated every year.

A financial advisor can help you optimize your business and personal finances so that all your decisions propel you to success.

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...a business employee?

Working for an employer comes with its own challenges. What is your long-term career path? How can you make sense of your benefits options?

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...a young professional?

If you’re just starting out in your career, you might think your finances aren’t complicated enough to need an advisor. But setting a good financial foundation can pay off for years to come. The more you can learn and plan now, the better off you’ll be in ten or twenty years.

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...someone looking forward to retirement?

As you reach the peak of your career, it’s time to look forward to retirement. Are you saving enough? Do you know how to optimize your retirement accounts and make them grow?

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...a family caregiver?

If you’re responsible for children, special needs adults, or aging parents, you have a lot on your plate. Not only do you manage the day-to-day practicalities, but you have to make financial plans for the future. Are your finances ready for your dependents’ needs? Do you need to learn more about how to plan for their future?

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...a woman?

Women have unique financial needs, because they often face different challenges and find themselves on different life paths compared to men. If you’re a woman, you could probably benefit from taking a look at your finances to see if you are as secure as you need to be.

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...a person of faith?

If you’re religious, you may wonder if a financial advisor would lead you into unethical choices. In reality, it’s possible to find an advisor who shares your values. Faith-based financial advisors can help you choose good charities, invest your money ethically, and consider your long-term goals for the worldly goods you’ve been blessed with.

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...a hands-on investor?

If you want to be hands-on with your investments and choose individual products, an advisor can help you find the investments that suit your goals. Good advice can keep you from expensive mistakes.

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...an older person?

Once you retire, your financial picture changes yet again. Your income comes from different sources, and you may need to know more about Medicare and Social Security. Planning for the future now means considering your long-term care needs as you age and updating your estate plan. All of these tasks go better with a skilled advisor to help you.

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...someone just looking to manage personal finances?

Even if all you need is to get a handle on your personal finances, an advisor can still help you. You can learn how to make a budget, use banking tools, and start saving for the future.

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Something for everyone

As you can see, no matter your situation in life, you can benefit from sound financial advice. Once we’ve learned what you’re looking for, we can connect you with an advisor experienced in your specific needs. So don’t ask, “Why would an advisor help someone like me?” Instead ask, “How soon can I find the right person for my individual needs?”

You deserve someone who understands the exact challenges you face. The advisor we introduce you to will be looking for clients just like you.