Well done! You just took the first step to improving your future.

What's next?


Gather your financial statements so that you have a clear picture of your financial situation.


Write down the three most important goals for your future.


Please share your feedback with us at any step in the process.

Expect a Phone Call

Each time we’re able to get an investor a sit-down with a great advisor, it makes our day. We’re so glad you’re willing to work with us on finding you the tailored financial advice that you deserve.

The next step is a short phone conversation to walk through your goals and financial situation with one of our representatives.

You’ll be getting a phone call from us by the end of the business day.

Screening Process

After you’ve walked through the screening process and been matched, you’ll be scheduled to meet at the office of an advisor near you. The best way to determine compatibility will generally be an in-person meeting.


While we pride ourselves on our technology, which matches advisors and investors with more tailored expertise than ever before, the final analysis has to be made by you.

Our Partners

A few of the early advisors we partnered with have been grandfathered in but the vast majority of our partners are required to offer a free, in person initial consultation. Our goal is to make it as painless as we possibly can for investors to make a full informed choice about their advisor.

Advice Chaser’s mission is to align every investor with great advice. We are funded through partnerships with employers and financial firms who are dedicated to financial education.