Special Needs Estate Planning

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Planning for the future of a child or other dependent with special needs is complex both financially and legally. Join us as Robert Corcoran, CPA and Experienced Special Needs Planner, addresses this important topic.

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Worried about your Loved One's Future?

Special Needs Estate Planning is different than general estate planning. Unique issues require working with professionals that have specialized expertise. Join us to learn what steps to take to plan for your child with special needs when you are no longer around to care for them. 

Greatest Fear of Special Needs Parents

The greatest fear of many special needs parents is what will happen to their children when they’re gone or no longer able to care for them. While some disabled adults can still support themselves, some will need long-term support. What happens when their parents aren’t there?

The $2,000

Did you know if you’ve left assets over $2,000 to your child or other dependent with special needs, you’ve most likely caused them to lose eligibility for most government benefits? These benefits include Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid, vital programs for basic necessities. 

Special Needs

The only legal solution that protects government benefit eligibility for someone who has special needs is a Special Needs Trust. This trust can provide for the individuals’ support and maintenance without endangering the often life-preserving benefits.

Learn about Special Needs Estate Planning

Making legal and financial plans for your disabled child isn’t something you should try to do alone. Start with this webinar to discover how you can best plan for the future for your child with special needs. 

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