Selling Your Business: Exit Planning for a Successful Transition

Join us April 29, 2021 at 12:00 PDT to learn about the most common mistakes business owners make when selling their business and how to avoid them. Kirk Michie, Advisor to Successful Founders, will be our presenter.

Critical Path to a Successful Outcome

Identify your reasons for selling your business, realize what features add value to your business, have realistic expectations, and know who has your best interest in mind. With so many factors at play, you want to evaluate every factor of your business when considering a sale.


What are your goals in selling your business? Are you ready to retire? Are you taking advantage of good timing in the market? Making room for others? Ready to move on and do something else? It is important to examine your motivations for selling your business as you make your plan. 



What makes your business profitable? What value do your impulses give to your business? How can you delegate and pass the torch, so that the company can succeed without you? How strong is your brand? What intellectual property will go with your business when you sell? 


You can plan on your buyer being savvy and having good advisors. Do you have the same? Decide where you need to invest in good advice and find the right people. Take the guidance offered to you, when supported by data. Experience counts more than relationships in business decisions.

Find the Guidance You Need

Identify all of the pieces of the puzzle, then decide what professional help you need
in order to reap the greatest rewards for your effort. Finish strong, with maximum profit,
when you have all of the professional advisors in place.

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