Self Care for Teachers

Like any caring professional, teachers are always
vulnerable to burnout. Learning how to care for
yourself is vital. This webinar focuses on awareness
of your needs, balancing your needs with those of
others, and gratitude. Join us for this free educational

Learn How to Care for Yourself

Advice Chaser hosts a webinar on self-care for teachers. 2021 has been a difficult year for teachers. When a teacher feels burned out, it can be almost impossible for them to connect well with students or feel fulfilled by their work. This webinar includes topics like awareness of your needs, meeting your own needs without preventing others from meeting theirs, and practicing gratitude. Our special guest, Debbie Elder, is the author of Against the Grain and head of Shady Oak Primary School in Texas. Her years of experience teaching, coaching children, and foster parenting make her a valuable resource for any teacher.

of Your Needs
Meet Needs Without Hurting Others
 for Life
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