What can a consumer expect from a financial professional found by Advice Chaser?

You want a competent and experienced professional who understands the challenges and risks you face, and who has the tools to help you face them. We want to help you find that professional, and here is some of what we look for to help you in that search. Please keep in mind that our screening standards are subject to change at our sole discretion.

Availability. We insist that professionals be accommodating of client schedules in accepting appointments. If financial professionals haven’t made it super simple to schedule a meeting, we won’t work with them. If we hear complaints about financial professionals regularly canceling client meetings, we’ll stop working with them.

Best Practices. We demand any professional we work with follow best business and industry practices in interacting with clients. For example, if we help a client schedule a meeting with a professional, the best practice for professionals is to call the client immediately to say hello and confirm the appointment.

Physical Office. Most of our clients insist on visiting a professional at his office, and we encourage the insistence as just one of many wise steps in the vetting process. In fact, to be considered for our service, we require financial professionals to have a physical business office within easy driving distance of any clients we may refer to them.

Transparency. With few exceptions, we will refuse to work with financial professionals who haven’t published information online about themselves, their history, their qualifications, and the services they offer.

Regulatory History. To be considered for our service, professionals must not have any recent or significant complaints or regulatory blemishes.

License Currency. We will not knowingly match a client with a professional who isn’t properly licensed. For example, if someone claiming the title “advisor” only has an insurance license, we will not include that professional for clients wanting anything but insurance services.

Criminal History. Serious criminal convictions should show up in a regulatory agency screenings, but we do perform our own screening as well.

Public Controversies. This is as much for our benefit as that of our clients. We look at the background of professionals for anything that could damage our reputation through our association with them, or that could be a red flag for behavior our clients may find repugnant or objectionable.  

Experience. With few exceptions, we require a professional to have at least three years of experience. Professionals who change firms frequently will not be included on our list.  

Firm Leadership and Business Partners. How long can a good apple stay clean in a dirty barrel? If we find anything troubling about the reputation or past business activities of a professional’s colleagues or firm leadership, we reserve the right to remove that professional from our service.

Yelp and Glassdoor. These are just examples – we look for how employees or former customers gauge the honesty and temperament of an advisor. If any online review medium has a trend of reviews that credibly indicates likely ethical or temperament problems with a professional, we will remove the professional from our service.  

General Reputation. We’re extremely concerned with maintaining credibility and a reputation for being a reliable tool for investors to find good advice. We will not risk our company’s reputation for the privilege of doing business with an advisor. If we find anything in a professional’s background that could jeopardize our company’s reputation, that professional will be removed from our service.


Our Philosophy

Please peruse our website, read about our mission, and look for our online ads. You’ll see that our passion runs deep. We are intensely dedicated to helping consumers find the best financial advice.

Our time in the investment industry has also moved us to a deep dedication to preventing cumbersome regulatory and compliance constraints from benefitting the unethical advisors those constraints were designed to eliminate. Professionals who partner with Advice Chaser are committing to join us in improving the advice industry.

If you’re a financial professional who shares our passion, we hope you’ll consider partnering with us. If you have the skills and experience to chart a wise path for clients, and you have a track record of helping clients be financially successful, we want to work with you.