The WAshington LTC Trust Act: options you should understand before the July 2021 deadline

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Planning for a Long Retirement

Luckily, it’s possible to plan for a retirement of any length. Reducing healthcare costs, withdrawing only a limited percentage per year, and purchasing annuities are a few strategies that can help.

Live Long and Prosper

The first step to a long retirement is making sure you live that long. Looking out for your health both increases your odds for living a long time and saves money on healthcare expenses.

The 4% Rule

One rule of thumb​ says that you should take 4% of your retirement funds out your first year of retirement, and then the same amount, adjusted for inflation, each year thereafter to help prevent.

Your Safety Net

Annuities replace a lump sum of money with a monthly or yearly payment. That way, you don’t have to worry about what you take out, because the annuity is guaranteed.

Start Planning Your Long Retirement Now

Planning for a long, prosperous retirement doesn’t happen overnight. Now is the time to ​find a financial advisor​ and start making your plan. For an easy way to educate yourself on your options, ​sign up for our webinar​ on February 23.
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