Long Term Care Insurance

Seventy percent of seniors will need long-term care at some point, but many have no specific plan to pay for it. This webinar addresses long-term care insurance, why you should buy it, and types available today. Join us for this free educational webinar.

How Will You Pay for Long Term Care

Advice Chaser hosts a webinar on the topic of long-term care insurance. Many Americans will need long-term care as they age, but too few have any viable plan to pay for it. Hoping someone in the family will be able to afford it is not a plan! The webinar will address potential scenarios, reasons to purchase LTC insurance, and types available today. Dina Mabry, owner of BGA Premier Solutions, will present. Her years of experience in the industry make her an invaluable source of knowledge for those planning their retirement and sunset years.

Long Term Care Insurance
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