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Investing is a big step, and it’s difficult to know where to start. How can you tell what is good advice, and what isn’t? The difference is in the data.

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Advice Chaser

Hunting through data is overwhelming, and we’re here to help. Advice Chaser is led by financial industry experts who know the damage bad advice can do; how powerful good advice can be; and the data analysis that makes the difference.

We’re picky about the advisors we work with.

We vet advisors for licensing, experience, regulatory history, and demeanor. We also get your feedback on your experience with the advisors on our platform so we can keep giving investors the best possible experience getting high quality, ethical financial guidance.

Finding an advisor shouldn’t be stressful

Some advisor-matching companies will sell your information to as many as five advisors, which puts the advisors in the position of having to race each other to contact you first. You’ll have a completely different experience with us. We introduce you to a single advisor and never sell your information.

We set an appointment for you, get your input on how it went, then we leave you alone.

After your appointment with one of our advisor partners, we’ll call you up (with your permission) and ask you for a review of your experience. We use this information to make decisions about which advisors are allowed to remain on our platform. After that check-in to make sure your needs are met, we won’t contact you again unless you ask us to.

Our Process

How it Works

We ask you a few questions about your circumstances and goals, then introduce you to an advisor who has experience helping folks just like you.

Fill out a request form

Give us your contact information and one of our Connection Admins will call you up shortly.

Tell us about your situation and goals

Once we get you on the phone, we’ll ask you for some details about what you’re dealing with and what type of service you’re looking for.

Meet with an advisor!

If we have a partner who is a good fit for your situation and goals, we’ll schedule an appointment for you right there on the phone. The advisor will be in contact with you within the hour.

Tell us what you thought

The investors who use our service are one of our greatest tools for keeping our short list of partners top notch. We want to know how the meeting went so we know who to keep on our platform.

Who We Are

Advice Chaser is a matching service on a mission to make sure that every investor can access ethical, compassionate, high quality financial guidance.

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Advice Chaser includes people from all walks of life, committed to helping you find the advisor you need and at no cost to you. When you’re ready for a better investment experience, Advice Chaser is here for you.

Our process for vetting advisor partners is unparalleled. We want to work with the best in the business so you can have access to the highest quality service.