Frequently Asked Questions

Advice Chaser is an independent financial concierge service. Our mission is to improve your investment experience by helping you access better financial advice.

We listen to your specific needs and goals in order to offer you a custom-tailored connection to reputable advisors. Think of us as a boutique financial dating service.

What makes us unique is this: unlike other investor-matching services, we do not sell recommendations. Advisors pay to be considered for our select list, but they can’t purchase a place there. We keep only the consistently reputable advisors.

We’re also distinguished by how eager we are to hear from you! We love getting feedback about your investment experience, because we use that to better refine our highly prized short list, and to better help you.  

Our company was founded by finance industry veterans who know the power of good advice, the devastating effects of bad advice, and the evidence-based screening process that can make the difference.

We believe you deserve a better investment experience–one marked by compassion, courtesy, and attention to the details of your unique financial situation. We believe your earnings deserve protection, and we want to help you find an advisor who can help.

A reputable, experienced advisor can help you protect your earnings, increase your assets, and plan for your future. Good advisors guide their clients in optimizing investment and tax strategies, planning for college, weddings, starting businesses, and making the most of your legacy.

Most importantly, the clients of professional advisors don’t have to learn the expensive lessons of their own mistakes.

After you schedule a chat with us, we’ll call you and ask you some questions, so we can get an idea of your financial situation and unique needs.

Then we look at our extensively researched shortlist of advisors, and help you find the right advisor for you. We make an introduction, and help you move towards that important initial consultation that can be your next step to a better financial future. 

Some advisors charge an hourly fee, much like an attorney does. Some advisors charge you a percentage of however much of your wealth that they manage. Other advisors may charge a fee for labor instead of charging you a commission, and others have switched to charging a service fee, which is a flat dollar amount per year.

It’s important to learn how an advisor charges,  but it’s even more important to learn what they are charging you for, and why.  Asking an advisor about their investment strategies and philosophies can help you learn if their interests align with yours. 

It’s free. We do this research for you, and offer you our custom, client-centered financial concierge service, at no cost to you. (We love answering this question.)

Advisors pay us for the privilege of being screened and considered for our partnership shortlist, but they can’t pay money to get on our list. We are very picky about which advisors we’ll partner with, and we put them through a continual screening process, to help create a better investment experience for you.

Please do research our recommendations! We love it when investors like you know all your options. Good research is a key part of creating a better investment experience, and we love to share our information with you.

We suggest you begin by deciding which services you need the most. Then call as many advisors as you can, to find those who offer the specific services you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found several advisors, check each advisor’s license history through sites like, to see if they’ve had any professional issues. You deserve an advisor that’s reputable and trustworthy.

If the advisors’ records are clean, use Google, Yelp, and Glassdoor to find reviews of each advisor, so you can see what investors and past employees have to say about the advisors on your list.

Then it’s time to interview possible candidates. You can ask each advisor questions like:

What are your values?

What and how do you charge?

What are your experiences, education, and training?

Which credentials and licenses do you have?

Do you sell commission products?

What is your investment philosophy and outlook on the market?

Keep in mind that some advisors may want to charge you an initial consultation fee in the course of this research.

We respect your privacy, and ask only for the information needed to better help you. We explain each step of the introduction process, and wait for your agreement before proceeding.

Once you agree to meet our suggested choice, we will share with them only the information needed for an introduction–your contact information and concerns. We do not sell your information.

When you’re satisfied with the advisor we introduce you to, and decide to retain their services, then it’s up to you to give the advisor any other information they need to help you with financial planning. Again, the safety of your personal information is very important to us.

Whenever you’re ready to build a better financial future.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

Every investor deserves to be treated with courtesy and compassion, and we are committed to helping you find the best fit for your financial future.