Women’s Guide to Divorce

Divorce is a major financial event, and it can be particularly difficult for women. Having a clear plan can help things go much more smoothly. This webinar addresses considerations before […]

Charitable Giving from Retirement Accounts

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When charitable giving is a way of life, it doesn’t stop in retirement. There are countless ways to support worthy causes while also keeping your finances in good order. This […]

Transitioning Into Retirement

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Many workers look forward for years to retirement, but when it actually comes, they aren’t sure how to handle the changes. Some retirees become bored and listless, unsure what to […]

Exit Your Business Tax Smart

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With the sale of a business, owners may hope to fund their retirement, donate to charity, or pass on wealth to heirs. Smart tax strategy can make it possible to […]

Inflation: Your Money and Your Future

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In the past year, inflation has increased to historically high levels, which has a devastating effect on everything from the price of gas to the value of individual savings accounts. […]

Moving Your Aging Parent to a Care Facility

You may want to keep your loved one aging in place as long as possible, but a time will come when they need a more supportive environment. Don’t put off this transition too long, or it will become more difficult. This webinar will address advance planning, how to know when it is time to make the change, and different levels of care available.

Understanding the Process of Divorce

If you’re contemplating divorce or have just been served with papers, you may find the process ahead of you overwhelming or even terrifying. Knowledge can give you back your power. This webinar will address the different pathways to divorce, choosing the right professionals to support you, and the steps of the process.

Your Flight Plan to Low Taxes in Retirement

Taxation for pilots can be a heavy burden on a retirement plan, but the right decisions can lower tax liability dramatically. This webinar will address pre-tax, post-tax, and untaxed assets; when to realize gains; and controlling your tax bracket.

Advanced Charitable Giving

Are you ready to start giving on a large scale, but unsure about the best vehicles to do so? There are countless tools available to help you. This webinar will address diversifying your charitable approach, charitable expenses, international giving, program-related investments, and granting to individuals.

Opportunity Zone Investments

Sometimes, you can invest profitably and do good at the exact same time. Opportunity zone investments are one way to do that. This webinar will address opportunity zone rules, types of opportunity zone investments, and investment strategies.

Living in Uncertain Times: How Principles of Mindfulness Can Help

There’s much in life we can’t change, but we can always change our mindset. Having the right mental attitude can be the secret to weathering uncertain times. This webinar will address self-image, growth mindset, setting goals, and more. Debbie Elder, school founder and inspirational speaker, will present.

Investing in your TSP in the Current Market

Is your TSP suffering in today’s market? The right strategies can help minimize losses. This webinar will address understanding your TSP and the different funds in it, how your TSP fits into your overall retirement plan, and managing your TSP in retirement.

Estate Planning for Retirees

If you’re retired and don’t have an estate plan, now is the time to get started. This webinar will address assets that transfer without a will, what happens if you have no will, and how to transfer assets using a trust.

Preparing your Student with ADHD for a Successful School Year

When a student has ADHD, starting the school year with the right tools can be essential to good learning throughout the year. This webinar will address working with their support team, making sure their accommodations are being followed, interpreting IEP and 504 plans, daily living, and more.

Asset Protection Trusts

If you’re interested in protecting your assets from liability, it’s important to make any changes before you’re hit with a lawsuit. This webinar will address foreign asset protection trusts, domestic asset protection trusts, and hybrid options.

Neurodiversity and Friendship

Trouble making friends is a near-universal struggle for neurodivergent people. But when you understand the way your mind works and find like-minded people, it can unlock friendships you didn’t know were possible. This webinar will address neurodivergent ways of relating to friends, overcoming challenges, how to meet friends, using special interests to connect with others, and more.

How Small Businesses Can Be Profitable in the Midst of Inflation

If you own a small business, you’re surely feeling the pinch of higher supply and labor prices. Is it possible to stay profitable at a time like this? This webinar will address improving cashflow, keeping a cushion of savings, avoiding debt, looking out for your own family’s finances, and more.

A Guide to Low Taxes in Retirement

Taxation can be a heavy burden on a retirement plan, but the right decisions can lower tax liability dramatically. This webinar will address pre-tax, post-tax, and untaxed assets; when to realize gains; and controlling your tax bracket.

Self Care for your Daily Life

Everyone wants to be happy, but it’s hard to make that a priority when life is full of other responsibilities. But caring for yourself can help you care for others. This webinar will address happiness, gratitude, building good habits, setting realistic goals, and more.

Money Mistakes Doctors Make in Retirement Planning

If you’re a doctor, you may have a high income, but you may also have extra challenges when it comes to saving for retirement. Will your practice might not hold value when you retire? Do you have a tax-free retirement account? Is it safe from liability? This webinar will address retirement accounts, budgeting, liability, and more.

Will my 401(k) Be Enough for Retirement?

On September 6, Advice Chaser will host a webinar titled, “Will My 401(k) Savings Be Enough for Retirement?” When pensions became less common, Americans began saving for retirement in a 401(k) instead. But most Americans don’t have enough in their 401(k) to retire on. This webinar will address traditional vs. Roth accounts, required minimum distributions, the standard of living you want in retirement, and other vehicles you can use for your savings. J. R. Gurrieri, an experienced financial planner, will present. Whether you’re near retirement or just starting out, you’re sure to take away some new information from this educational event.

Dos and Don’ts of Blended Family Finances

Any marriage involves some financial adjustment, but blending two whole families gets much more complicated. Honest discussion and advance planning can help. This webinar addresses budgets, estate planning, prenups, and more. Brenda Bridges, a mediator, divorce coach, and founder of Bridging Divorce Solutions, presents. Both those currently in a blended family and those considering a second marriage benefit from this informative event.

Preserving Your Retirement Nest Egg

On September 27, Advice Chaser will host a webinar titled, “Preserving Your Retirement Nest Egg.” If you retire with a set amount of money or a fixed income, inflation will wear away the value of that money over time. If you invest it, your nest egg is more likely to last as long as you need it to. This webinar will address building a recession-proof fund, investing in real estate, withdrawals from your fund, and more. Eric Maldonaldo, a certified financial advisor, will present. He will help both future and current retirees understand how to stay ahead of inflation and preserve the value of their assets.

Planning for Retirement

After a lifetime of hard work, retirement is the dream of most Americans. But that golden time of your life does not happen without careful advance planning. This webinar addresses […]

Challenges for Medical Doctors in Today’s Financial Landscape

On October 4, Advice Chaser will host a webinar titled, “Challenges for Medical Doctors in Today’s Financial Landscape.” Doctors are experts in the field of medicine, but financial questions may leave them frustrated. Most financial advice doesn’t cater to the needs of physicians. This webinar will address three crucial things doctors need when they partner with a family office: trust, expertise, and time savings. Steven Abernathy, a family office founder and investment manager with over 25 years’ experience, will present. Physicians who would like to get a better handle on their investments will benefit from this educational event.

Are We In a Recession?

Even the word “recession” can worry investors. But every economic period is different—we’re not looking at another 2008. This webinar will address recession indicators, predictions for the future, and best practices to weather economic contraction.

Special Needs Planning: Answering Common Financial and Legal Questions

When your child has a disability, you worry not only about the day to day, but the future. Who can help you with your financial and legal needs? This webinar will address financial and legal topics of special needs families, including budgets, insurance, power of attorney, and estate planning.

Business Owners and Investing

Owning a business comes with a certain amount of risk. One way to balance out that risk is to invest a portion of the profits to build wealth on the […]

Medicare and SSDI

Both disabled people and seniors are eligible for Medicare, but the program is complex and may require you to carry supplementary insurance as well. Do you know what your options are? This webinar will address Medicare eligibility, options, and the application process.

Ten Things Couples Should Do As They Near Retirement

Are you and your spouse getting ready to retire? The transition to retirement can be a lot easier if you start your planning at least five years in advance. This webinar will address insurance, Social Security, Medicare, estate planning, and more. Brenda Bridges, a financial advisor who specializes in retirement planning, will present.

How To Pick an Advisor

What if you thought of your personal finances like a business? You’d manage your money with a mind to long-term profit—with the help of the right professional. This webinar will address things to look for in an advisor, reasons people feel underserved, and aspects your financial advisor should consider.