Employer Partners

Advice Chaser’s mission is to make the best financial education accessible to every investor. To that end, we partner with employers to offer our matching service and educational webinars to employees.

Employer Partnerships

When an employer partners with us, we do a deep dive into the company’s benefits package, then seek out highly qualified professionals with specific knowledge and experience helping folks in similar or the same situations as that company’s employees. We then give the employees access to our matching service so that they can share their goals, circumstances, and preferences with us, allowing us to make high quality introductions to great financial advisors.

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Employer Education

In addition to our matching service, we also offer educational webinars on topics of interest to our employer partners’ employees. Some topics that have been popular are income and distribution planning, caring for aging parents, preparing for the future financial needs of children with disabilities, when to take Social Security, estate planning, job changes, and early retirement. We seek out experts in their fields to present these events, including attorneys, senior advocates, psychologists, Regional Social Security Administrators, and medical professionals.

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