Building an Emergency Grab & Go Binder

When a crisis occurs, important decisions need to be made
immediately. Do you know your loved one’s wishes? Are you prepared? Annalee Kruger walks us through the importance of having an emergency “Grab and Go Binder.” Join us to find out how to be prepared for unexpected life events.

Vital Information & Documentation is Key

By planning ahead, you can make sure you have things in place (for your or a family member) before an emergency happens, so that you can be in a better state of mind when you need to make challenging decisions. Walk through possible scenarios of what information you may need, with an expert. 


What documents do you need to have ready? Which documents do you need if circumstances change? Where can you find updated information, when you need it? Be organized and prepared for the future. 


What types of insurance and supplemental insurance do you have? Who do you contact when something happens? How do you best utilize your benefits? Knowing this information will help you plan accordingly.

Medical History

Keeping track of medical conditions, doctors, medications, allergic reactions, surgeries, and any other pertinent medical history will be imperative in an emergency. Organize information for easy reference. 

What Will I Need in an Emergency?

Medical emergencies can happen to a family member without warning. Having an emergency binder with all important documents is essential. This webinar addresses how to discuss plans with family members, why to create a binder, and examples of what families might include in it.
Join us to learn more about this important topic.

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