Webinar Recording: Getting Divorced in Retirement

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by Advice Chaser
by Advice Chaser

Getting divorced later in life is an increasingly common phenomenon, but it comes with added challenges. This webinar identifies key challenges in late-life divorce, discusses what happens during a divorce, targets the main financial areas to focus on after divorce, and illuminates key takeaways for how to optimize your retirement years. Lili Vasileff, the speaker for this webinar, is one of the foremost wealth protection experts in the country. With over thirty years of experience in the fields of divorce financial planning, financial mediation, wealth management, and wealth preservation, she has invaluable insights to share for those considering or currently navigating divorce later in life.

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When a marriage ends, it’s a huge shift for both partners. Our webinar is a must-see for anyone going through a divorce and worried about finances.

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