Webinar Recording: Five Tips for Single Women Planning their Retirement

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Today, women live longer than ever before, and many of them reach retirement single. How can you navigate this time on your own and optimize your independent golden years? This webinar addresses retirement preparedness, health and long-term care insurance, Social Security considerations, and more. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other webinars:Myths and Facts […]

Webinar Recording: Women and Investing

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Women are more likely to spend some of their working years caregiving, more likely to survive the death of a spouse, and more likely to reach one hundred years old than men are. All of these things call for extra care in investing. This webinar addresses unique challenges women face, strategies to address them, and […]

Women and Investing

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How can women take a greater role in investing for their financial future? How can financial advisors build lasting relationships with them?

Webinar Recording: Women and Divorce

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For many women, divorce is a huge financial blow. They may never have expected to support themselves or handle their finances alone. Luckily, education and planning can prepare women for financial independence. This webinar covered property division and payments, financial planning, and reentering the workforce. Joe Okros, financial planner and former divorce attorney, was the […]

Spousal Benefits and Social Security

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Spousal benefits are a confusing part of Social Security. How do you know whether to take the benefits for your own work, or your spousal benefits?