Webinar Recording: Transaction Advisory – Preparing a Business to Maximize Enterprise

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When preparing to sell a business, knowledge can translate to increased profit. What drives business value? What kind of buyers will be interested, and what do they value? This webinar addresses setting objectives, different types of buyers, and increasing value by reducing risk. Donald Bielen, the presenter for the webinar, has years of expertise in […]

Webinar Recording: The Employee Retention Credit

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During 2020, small businesses which received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans were not eligible to claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC or ERC) as well. But for 2021, this rule has changed, allowing more businesses to claim the ERTC. This webinar addresses the differences between the rules for 2020 and 2021, retrospective tax credits […]

Webinar Recording: When Do I Need a CPA and When Do I Need a Financial Planner?

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Both accountants and financial planners are crucial parts of a financial team, but their areas of focus are very different. Expecting one to do the job of the other won’t produce the best results. This webinar addresses situations for an accountant, situations calling for a financial planner, and how both can work together. Carly Chohon, […]

Webinar Recording: Transitioning Out of the Military Into the Private Sector

Service members who have been in the military a long time may struggle when re-entering the civilian sphere. Career, medical care, taxes, and insurance may all be new and different. This webinar addresses finding your new civilian career, navigating medical benefits, maintaining security clearances, and much more. Derek Martin, investment advisor representative and former Marine, […]

Webinar Recording: S Corporation or LLC? Choosing Your Small Business Entity

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Small businesses can be structured in several different ways, the most popular of which are the LLC (limited liability company) and the S corporation. Each comes with its own benefits and disadvantages. This webinar will contrast the two structures’ legal requirements, tax benefits and costs, shareholder compensation, and more. Eric R. Gregg, a certified public […]

Webinar Recording: Unite Your Team with People Smarts

people in a meeting with laptops in front of them

Understanding a team’s personalities makes it possible to play to everyone’s strengths. Different people need different management styles. Participants will learn about what people value, how they best receive appreciation, and what their strengths are. Debbie Elder, acclaimed motivational speaker, presents. She has inspired educational and corporate audiences across the country, and leaves participants feeling […]

Webinar Recording: From Blockchains to NFTs – A Conversation about Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency is an often misunderstood emerging field in the financial world. This webinar addresses the basic vocabulary of cryptocurrency, including the differences between different types of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Celsius, and others. It also touches on current and future applications of cryptocurrency. Matt Havin, a cryptocurrency investor, data analyst, and meteorologist, presents along with […]

Webinar Recording: Beneficiary Designations – Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid

woman in brown coat carrying child in orange and white striped polo shirt

When someone passes away, their assets can be tied up for years in probate court—unless those assets are set to pass directly to a beneficiary. Assets that can transfer without probate include life insurance policies, retirement plans, and payable-on-death accounts. This webinar addresses the importance of naming a primary and contingent beneficiary, how to word […]

Webinar Recording: Why Everyone Should Have a Financial Planner

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While older and richer individuals are more likely to have a financial advisor, even young people and those without high incomes can benefit. Wise management of a small amount of money can help it grow. This webinar addresses benefits of hiring a financial advisor, how to work with one, and goals your financial planner can […]

Webinar Recording: Do I Need a Special Needs Trust for my Child?

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Most parents of disabled children want to leave them something for their expenses, but an inheritance could deprive the adult child of Medicaid benefits. Trusts allow parents to set aside money for their child without harming their eligibility for benefits. This webinar will address estate planning, types of trusts, and choosing a trustee. William C. […]

Webinar Recording: Debt

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Debt can be a trap that prevents someone from building wealth, but it can also be a tool used to propel them forward toward goals. It’s vital to learn how to borrow judiciously and not let debt become a lifestyle. This webinar addresses good and bad debt, debt payoff strategies, and ways to avoid debt. […]

Webinar Recording: Exchange-Traded Funds and the Defined Outcome ETF

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Many investors want to protect themselves against risk, but bond yields are so low lately that they’re looking for another option. Enter Defined Outcome Exchange-Traded Funds, also called Buffer ETFs. These are bundles of securities intended to track market performance with a defined risk. This advanced webinar will address this type of ETFs’ growth potential, […]

Webinar Recording: Tax Considerations in Estate Planning

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One of the largest concerns people have about handing down their legacy is sparing as much as possible of the tax burden on their heirs. Changing tax law can make it difficult to know the best way to organize the estate for the lowest taxes. This webinar addresses trusts, gifts, and recent changes in tax […]

Webinar Recording: How Do I Know When I Can Retire?

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The age someone retires can affect their cashflow and standard of living for the rest of their life. But that doesn’t mean later is always better. This webinar addresses pros and cons of retiring early, replacing your paycheck, and avoiding penalties for early retirement. Shawn McElderry, financial planner, presents. With 22 years of experience managing […]

Webinar Recording: Maximize Your Social Security

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While Social Security isn’t usually enough to live on, it can be an important part of a retirement budget. By strategic planning, it’s possible to maximize benefits and support your retirement for as long as you live. This webinar will address retirement age, taxes, spousal benefits, and more. David Morgan, Registered Investment Advisor, presents. With […]

Webinar Recording: Living with an Aging Parent

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Family care can be an amazing option for an older parent, but it takes good communication and planning. Leaving expectations unspoken can sabotage a living situation that could have worked out. The webinar addresses discussions to have before beginning, creating an exit plan for when the situation is no longer working, and gathering important documents. […]

Webinar Recording: Ethical Influence

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Everyone wants to be persuasive, but influencing another person’s views can feel manipulative or unethical. Using the principles of ethical influence, you can learn to change minds without leaving anyone feeling pressured. This webinar addresses creating win-win situations, forming relationships, speaking with authority, and more. Debbie Elder, of Shady Oak Primary School, presents. She has […]

Webinar Recording: Selling Your Business – Optimizing Your Deal Team

It takes a professional, knowledgeable team to sell a business. A better team can mean a better deal—more than paying for the cost of hiring them. This webinar addresses the external team, the internal team, potential pitfalls, and more. Kirk Michie, founder of Candor Advisors, presents. He has thirty years of experience helping business owners […]

Webinar Recording: Choosing the Right College for You

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When it’s time for a graduating student to choose a college, it can be hard to narrow down the most important factors. The student and their family may have slightly different priorities, both of which are important. This webinar addresses factors like student interest, chances of acceptance, and financing. Julia Tushaus, college counselor, presents. She’s […]

Webinar Recording: Financial Planning Strategies in your 60s, 70s, and Beyond

man wearing maroon, white, and blue stripe long-sleeved shirt lifting up baby wearing gray onesie

After retirement, more changes come into view on the horizon. It’s a time for building a robust estate plan and preparing to age gracefully. This webinar will address end-of-life planning, estate planning, titling of assets, and involving adult children. Erik Lawrence, a Certified Financial Planning practitioner with twenty years’ experience, presents. After years of advising […]

Webinar Recording: Family Meetings

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For a family to keep and grow its wealth over generations, family cooperation is essential. Every member of the family should understand and participate in the family’s goals and long-term plan. This webinar addresses the dynamics of running a family meeting and possible topics including finding your family’s purpose and educating family members in basic […]

Webinar Recording: Financial Planning Strategies in your 50s

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A person’s fifties may seem like a stable time, when one’s career peaks and children have left the nest. But retirement is drawimg close, and at the same time aging parents may need support. It’s no time to expect finances to operate on autopilot. This webinar addresses budget management, setting goals, and arranging parents’ care. […]

Webinar Recording: Taxes for Business Owners

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Business taxes can be complex, and it can be hard to keep records and report correctly. Wise business owners want to go beyond that level and actually save money through prudent tax planning. This webinar addresses types of taxes, tax deductions and credits, current hot topics, and more. William J. Mansour, certified public accountant, presents. […]

Webinar Recording: Aging in Place

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Many seniors prefer to spend their last years at home, even as their health begins to decline. This is often possible, but it takes careful planning and support. This webinar addresses what it means to age in place, pros and cons of that option, and how to know when it’s time for another living situation. […]

Webinar Recording: Leaving a Legacy Beyond Inheritance – Part 2

man in blue dress shirt beside woman in black jacket

An old saying, “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations,” suggests that many families that come into wealth lose it again before long. But the proverb doesn’t have to be destiny. This webinar addresses teaching financial literacy to younger generations, identifying blind spots, and developing a family owner’s manual. Josh Kanter, who also presents in part […]

Webinar Recording: Cash Flow

person holding wallet and US dollar bills

Every business analyzes its cash flow, but too many individuals don’t spend time on this crucial task. Knowing where cash enters and leaves the home is the first step to keeping and saving more of it. This webinar addresses budgeting, money mindfulness, and savings tips. J.R. Gurrieri, an experienced financial planner, presents. He enjoys helping […]

Webinar Recording: The Revocable Living Trust in California

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Wills go through the slow process of probate, while irrevocable trusts can’t be amended. Enter revocable living trusts, which can be an invaluable part of an estate plan. This webinar addresses benefits of revocable living trusts, useful terminology, and how to have one set up. Stephanie O’Neal, a California attorney specializing in estate planning, presents. […]

Webinar Recording: Choosing a Nursing Home for Your Loved One

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As seniors age, they often need residential care at some point. But entrusting their parents to a nursing home that ends up being sub-par is a child’s nightmare. This webinar addresses touring a nursing home, questions to ask, and expected costs. Annalee Kruger, the presenter for this webinar, is a frequent guest in our webinars […]

Webinar Recording: Financial Basics Series – Understanding Risk

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This webinar is the next in our series on Financial Basics and addresses risks like death, disability, loss of income, and other vulnerabilities every adult should consider especially as they get married and have children. Our speaker covers common mitigation strategies like insurance and financial planning. Kade Hammes, a financial advisor specializing in young adults, […]

Webinar Recording: Estate Planning and Long-Term Care

woman in black and white striped long sleeve shirt carrying girl in blue and white dress

A good estate plan covers not just inheritance after death, but what happens when the estate owner ages. The plan should include both who makes decisions and how to pay for any necessary care. This webinar addresses guardianships and conservatorships, Medicaid planning, and trusts. William Beyers, an attorney specializing in estate planning, elder law, and […]

Webinar Recording: Moving to Medicare from Employer Coverage

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Switching insurance can be difficult, doubly so when changing to a whole new type of coverage. Those who work past 65 have the option of Medicare or employer coverage, and it’s important to choose the right plan for each situation. This webinar addresses how to choose the best option, avoid Medicare penalties, and manage a […]

Webinar Recording: Business Transition Planning

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When a business’s founder is ready to hand on ownership to the next generation, the process is much easier with a solid plan. This webinar addresses defining objectives, ownership transfer strategies, and financial planning strategies for before and after the transfer. Donald Bielen, the presenter for this webinar, specializes in ownership transfers and succession plans. […]

Webinar Recording: Buying and Selling Your Home at the Same Time

white and red wooden house miniature on brown table

When a move involves both buying and selling a home, stress and anxiety are doubled. What if you manage to sell but find nothing to buy? What if you’re on target to buy, but your own buyer backs out? This webinar addresses buying, selling, and managing common issues between the two. Glenn Shelhamer, award-winning real […]

Webinar Recording: Prepare to be a Great College Parent

woman in white and pink floral long sleeve shirt wearing eyeglasses

Society gives a clear roadmap for parenting young children, but the role of a college parent often remains unspoken and undefined. How can parents support their college students without overparenting or keeping them from feeling like young adults? This webinar addresses defining roles, allowing young adults to make mistakes, and teaching life skills ahead of […]

Webinar Recording: Women and Investing

smiling woman

Women are more likely to spend some of their working years caregiving, more likely to survive the death of a spouse, and more likely to reach one hundred years old than men are. All of these things call for extra care in investing. This webinar addresses unique challenges women face, strategies to address them, and […]

Webinar Recording: Alternative Investments

man holding incandescent bulb

Diverse investments in a traditional portfolio balance each other out and help you ride out any market volatility. But sometimes, these traditional investments just aren’t diverse enough. Enter alternative investments, from real estate to art. This webinar addresses types of alternative investments, their role in a balanced portfolio, and caveats about investing in them cautiously. […]

Webinar Recording: Transitioning from High School to College for the Neurodiverse Student

two man laughing at each other

Students with special needs often receive adaptations and services during the high school years. Many parents assume that after 18, their child will have to manage without help. In reality, there are more options in college as well. This webinar addresses available supports and planning for educational goals. Stephanie Martin, the presenter, is president of […]

Webinar Recording: Increasing Employee Financial Wellness

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

More important than income or net worth, financial wellness measures a person’s ability to meet their own financial goals. When employees experience financial stress, their employer may also be affected. This webinar will address increased stresses due to the pandemic, the negative effects of financial stress, and how employers can promote workers’ financial wellness. Michael […]

Webinar Recording: Motivating and Inspiring Your Employees

group of people using laptop computer

Managers know there’s a world of difference between someone punching a clock and someone inspired to do their best. But motivating employees isn’t easy. Threats and reprimands only make things worse. This webinar addresses building a workplace culture, practicing cooperative management, providing strong leadership, and more. Debbie Elder, educator and motivational speaker, presents. She has […]

Webinar Recording: Probate Administration

silhouette of 3 men and woman standing on beach during sunset

Probate is a legal process that happens when a person dies or becomes incapacitated, in order to determine what happens to their estate. While it’s possible to bypass it entirely, it also can be navigated. This webinar addresses pros and cons of probate, strategies to avoid it, and tips for getting through it painlessly. Scott […]

Webinar Recording: Myths and Facts About Retirement

silhouette of two person sitting on chair near tree

On August 10, Advice Chaser hosted a webinar titled, “Myths and Facts About Retirement.” Some myths about retirement refuse to die, leaving potential retirees making the wrong decisions with their savings. This webinar addressed myths about Social Security, Medicare, and the right amount to save. David Morgan, a financial advisor focused on retirement planning, was […]

Webinar Recording: Using Your Goals and Passions to Plan for the Future

man taking photo of hot air balloons

Whether you are interested in a entrepreneurship, traveling, leaving an inheritance, founding a movement, achieving an artistic or other innovative endeavor, financial planning is vital to realizing those goals. J.R. Gurrieri, a financial planner who specializes in a methodology called Financial Life Planning is our speaker. Want to Learn More? You might also enjoy these […]

Webinar Recording: Intro to Option Trading

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Trading options can be a volatile investment, but it can also offer high returns if managed responsibly. This webinar addresses risks, returns, and tax strategy when trading options. The presenter, Howard Holmes, is both a Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder (CFA) and an instructor at Boston University. His long experience and deep understanding of the options […]

Webinar Recording: Understanding Annuities

pile of printing papers

Annuities promise a stable income throughout retirement, but do they really pay off? Investors need to understand the details of their annuity policy to get the full value. This webinar will address types of annuities, decoding annuity statements, and what to do with an annuity if you choose not to annuitize. Jayce Lowe, wealth manager […]

Webinar Recording: Medicare

doctor holding red stethoscope

Everyone expects to be eligible for Medicare eventually, if they aren’t already, but few feel confident they understand it. After all, it contains four different parts and an array of options. This webinar addresses qualifications; how to apply; parts A, B, C, and D; options; and how to make the transition to Medicare from employer-provided […]

Webinar Recording: The Dreaded Words: Dad Fell – Now What?

man and woman walking on road during daytime

No one caring for an aging parent wants to hear their loved one has fallen and been injured. But one in three adults over 65 will eventually suffer a serious fall. This webinar addressed preventing falls, home safety tips, communication strategies with parents, and technology solutions. Annalee Kruger, the speaker for this webinar, is a […]

Webinar Recording: Alternate Paths to the Traditional Sale of Your Business

Many small business owners don’t know much about the process of selling a business until they’re in the middle of it. Learning about the different options can open up more possibilities. This webinar addressed employee stock ownership plans, management buyouts, tax mitigation strategies, and more. Kirk Michie, founder of Candor Advisors, presents. He has worked […]

Webinar Recording: Women and Divorce

woman holding a paper bag walking on street

For many women, divorce is a huge financial blow. They may never have expected to support themselves or handle their finances alone. Luckily, education and planning can prepare women for financial independence. This webinar covered property division and payments, financial planning, and reentering the workforce. Joe Okros, financial planner and former divorce attorney, was the […]