Webinar Recording: Planning for Retirement

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After a lifetime of hard work, retirement is the dream of most Americans. But that golden time of your life does not happen without careful advance planning. This webinar addresses […]

Webinar Recording: Neurodiversity and Friendship

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Neurodiversity is the concept that not all brains are the same: some have ADHD, some are autistic, some have developmental disabilities, and some are considered typical. These differences can present […]

Webinar Recording: Asset Protection Trusts

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In today’s litigious society, individuals at high risk of losing assets often choose to place them in some kind of trust to protect them from liability. But not all trust […]

Webinar Recording: Opportunity Zone Investments

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In order to encourage development in economically disadvantaged areas, the federal government has granted certain tax benefits to investors who develop them. By investing in projects to develop these zones, […]

Webinar Recording: What is a Fiduciary?

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A fiduciary is required to act in their client’s best interests, but what exactly does this mean in the world of financial advising? This webinar addresses what to expect from […]

Webinar Recording: Women’s Guide to Divorce

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Divorce is a major financial and personal event, and it can be particularly difficult for women. Having a clear plan can help things go much more smoothly. This webinar, our […]

Webinar Recording: How to Hire a Caregiver

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As a senior adult ages, having an at-home caregiver can make it possible for them to remain in their own home. But it’s essential to hire someone competent and reliable. […]

Webinar Recording: Taxes in Retirement

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Some retirees may find that in difficult times, tax strategy makes a big difference in how much they have available to live on. This webinar addresses reducing taxes, maximizing Social […]

Webinar Recording: How Medicare Part D Works

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Are you confused by Medicare Part D? This webinar addresses the four stages of Medicare Part D, including the coverage gap, deductibles, drug tiers and formularies, avoiding penalties, and using […]

Webinar Recording: Income Protection for Physicians

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If you make your income as a physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist or other medical specialty, you know it’s vital to insure your livelihood. However, many physicians can’t cover this risk with […]

Webinar Recording: Medicare 101

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Older Americans can benefit from this subsidized insurance program, but the coverage and options can be difficult to navigate. Good education on your choices can make a big difference in […]