Webinar Recording: Getting Laid Off Before You’re Ready for Retirement

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Are you nearing retirement age and anticipating a layoff? Unemployment in your mature working years can be a major source of stress, especially if you aren’t financially prepared to retire. This webinar addresses how to navigate this transition including options for employment, health insurance, lifestyle adjustments, and tax advantages. Blaine Thiederman, a financial planner whose […]

Webinar Recording: Organizing Secrets for People with ADHD and ADD

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If you have ADHD or ADD, getting and staying organized at work, at home, and on the go may be a challenge. This webinar equips attendees with a variety of tools that can help you live a more productive life. Ellen Delap, a Certified Professional Organizer who specializes in working with clients with ADHD and […]

Webinar Recording: How Medicare Part D Works

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Are you confused by Medicare Part D? This webinar addresses the four stages of Medicare Part D, including the coverage gap, deductibles, drug tiers and formularies, avoiding penalties, and using the annual election period to save money. Danielle Roberts, Medicare expert, author, and cofounder of a company advising seniors, presents. Her presentation helps attendees understand […]

Webinar Recording: Income Protection for Physicians

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If you make your income as a physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist or other medical specialty, you know it’s vital to insure your livelihood. However, many physicians can’t cover this risk with typical disability insurance alone. This webinar addresses the how to cover those gaps, eligibility, benefits, and more. Todd Shield, who has worked in the field […]

Webinar Recording: Medicare 101

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Older Americans can benefit from this subsidized insurance program, but the coverage and options can be difficult to navigate. Good education on your choices can make a big difference in costs and coverage. This webinar addresses Medicare parts, enrollment, and supplementary insurance options. Michael Permuko, an experienced Medicare health plan agent, presents. Americans approaching retirement […]

Webinar Recording: How Physicians and Their Heirs Can Avoid High Taxes

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Many physicians have large IRAs or 401(k)s, but these can end up being a liability to their heirs later on. This webinar addresses problems with inheriting retirement funds, tax law at different wealth levels, and possibilities for converting a retirement account to something more beneficial for taxes. Doctors and medical professionals can learn strategies to […]

Webinar Recording: RMDs: What They Are and How to Make Them Smaller

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During retirement, you must take a certain amount of money out of your retirement account annually. Likely you will need to make withdrawals anyway, but at times these required minimum distributions are significantly higher than the amount you need or want to withdraw. This webinar addresses Roth conversions, the order of accounts to withdraw from, […]

Webinar Recording: Inflation and Retirement

Inflation is a topic of concern, especially given the current climate. Because of inflation, the actual money you’ll need to save for retirement is more than you think. This webinar addresses how to plan for inflation and pitfalls to avoid. Dave Grant, a Certified Financial Planning professional, will present. Attendees come away with a better […]

Webinar Recording: What Type of Financial Planner Do I Need?

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The word “financial advisor” covers several different types of professionals, with different licenses, who can help you in different ways. Finding the right kind of professional the first time can save you time and money. This webinar addresses the different professional designations, each professional’s responsibility to you, how different advisors are paid, and more. J.R. […]

Webinar Recording: Loss of License – Income Protection for Pilots

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Pilots make their entire income on their ability to keep flying, yet many medical issues can result in license loss—either temporary or permanent. Learn about insurance to protect you from this risk. This webinar addresses this insurance’s importance, eligibility, benefits, and more. Todd Shield, who has worked in the field of insurance for over 15 […]

Webinar Recording: Five Reasons to Keep Working After You Retire

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An increasing number of Americans are choosing to keep working after retirement. Is it for you? This webinar addresses benefits of working past retirement, financial impacts, and good side gigs for retirees. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other webinars:Making Your Money Last Through RetirementLeaving a Legacy Beyond Inheritance Part 1Understanding Retirement

Webinar Recording: Gifting Versus Inheritance: Which is Better?

When thinking of how to pass your assets to your loved ones, it’s important to remember gifts as a potential option. When is it smarter to give a gift rather than an inheritance? This webinar addresses gift tax exemptions, estate tax, and the consequences for your beneficiaries depending on what you choose. What to Learn […]

Webinar Recording: Five Tips for Single Women Planning their Retirement

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Today, women live longer than ever before, and many of them reach retirement single. How can you navigate this time on your own and optimize your independent golden years? This webinar addresses retirement preparedness, health and long-term care insurance, Social Security considerations, and more. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other webinars:Myths and Facts […]

Webinar Recording: Retiring as a Couple

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You and your spouse may have dreamed for years of your retirement together. How do you make sure this time has room for both of your dreams? This webinar addresses supporting each other’s personal growth, maximizing savings and benefits, and retiring at the same time or separately. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other […]

Webinar Recording: Getting the Most from Your Medicare

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Many Americans look at Medicare with trepidation. It’s a confusing program, and it may not be enough for many seniors. This webinar addresses the parts of Medicare, enrollment, supplementary insurance, and common pitfalls. Danielle Roberts, Medicare expert, author, and cofounder of a company advising seniors, presents. She breaks down important Medicare knowledge into an easy-to-understand […]

Webinar Recording: How to Simplify Your Financial Life Before Retirement

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Retirement is a major change, which can come with a certain amount of stress. You’ll reduce the anxiety by streamlining your life. This webinar addresses simplifying your accounts, going paperless and automatic for as much as possible, and focusing on things that bring you the most value. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other […]

Webinar Recording: Investing in Syndicated Multifamily Properties for Pilots

white concrete building

Investing in multifamily or multiunit real estate can be a powerful way to earn passive income for pilots. This webinar addresses what to expect when you invest in syndication, including working with a sponsor, funding sources, and expected returns. John Rubino, real estate investor and founder of JID Investments LLC, present. What to Learn More?You […]

Webinar Recording: What are Tax-Advantaged Accounts?

Saving for retirement can be difficult, but it’s easier when you can take advantage of the tax benefits of certain kinds of accounts. Similar tax advantages exist in college and medical savings plans. This webinar will addresses retirement accounts, 529 college accounts, health savings accounts, and more. John O’Bannon lays out the different types of […]

Webinar Recording: Planning and Paying for a Long Life

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Younger adults often worry about dying too soon, leaving children and other dependents without help. But in later years, living longer than expected becomes a bigger concern. A long retirement, especially if it comes with additional care needs, can be expensive. This webinar addresses insurance, retirement savings, long-term care needs, and more. John O’Bannon, an […]

Webinar Recording: Keeping it All in the Family: Probate, Inheritance, and Estate Planning

Most Americans want their possessions to stay in the family after they pass away, but 59% of them don’t have a will. Even those who do, may not understand more complex estate planning strategies. This webinar addresses estate planning essentials, more complex possibilities like trusts, and advanced strategies. Ransom H. Adams, a financial planner with […]

Webinar Recording: Protect Your Estate from Medical Debt

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No one wants to see a lifetime of assets absorbed by unexpected medical expenses. Yet end-of-life medical care becomes more expensive every year. This webinar addresses legal and financial strategies for handling debt from medical expenses or long-term care. Will Beyers, an attorney specializing in elder law, and David Eads, financial planner, present this webinar […]

Webinar Recording: Women and Wealth

woman in black jacket sitting beside woman in white blazer

While some women confidently handle their own money, others let spouses handle everything, or feel confused about how to navigate their finances. Only through educating yourself can you manage your money well enough to reach your goals. This webinar addresses women’s different life situations, how to invest, and who to trust. Deborah Ellis, author of […]

Webinar Recording: Social Security 101

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Whether you’re near retirement, face disability, or seek support after the loss of a spouse, Social Security will likely be part of your plans. This webinar addresses retirement benefits, survivors’ benefits, SSDI, SSI, and Medicare. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other webinars:All About MedicareSocial Security Benefits for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Webinar Recording: Cyber Safety Awareness

person holding white samsung android smartphone

When you first give your child access to the internet, they are stepping into a whole new world of knowledge—and danger. Do you know how to keep your kids safe online? This webinar provides a brief overview of potential online dangers, cybercrime trends, popular social media and gaming platforms, and online monitoring tools. What to […]

Webinar Recording: How to Save on Medical Expenses

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If you or someone in your family has a disability or chronic condition, the expenses of treatment can be overwhelming. Managing those costs wisely can help you stay solvent while still accessing needed care. This webinar will address budget, insurance, taxes, and employer-sponsored healthcare plans. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other webinars:Understanding RetirementSpecial […]

Webinar Recording: Productivity and Time Management Pro Tips

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Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people seem to accomplish so much more than others. How can you organize your time to allow greater productivity in the same work hours? This webinar addresses calendaring and task management, productivity strategies, and specialized tips for small business owners. Ellen Delap, a Certified […]

Webinar Recording: Donor Advised Funds

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Donor Advised Funds (DAF) are one of the fastest growing charitable-giving vehicles in the US. This webinar addressed what a DAF is, how they work, and tax benefits and features for individuals and families. Kathy Saigeon, the speaker for this webinar, heads up a charitable foundation manages DAF, charitable trusts and funds nationally. Attendees learn […]

Webinar Recording: Tax Smart Investing

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Whether you do your taxes yourself or hire help with them, educating yourself on the tax implications of your investments is essential. By placing your money in the best investment vehicles during the year, you can ensure tax time will be as painless as possible. This webinar addresses ways your investment accounts affect your taxes, […]

Webinar Recording: How New Parents Can Plan for the Future

man carrying baby boy and kissing on cheek

Parenthood is a new frontier, and the challenges keep shifting as time goes by. How can parents prepare for each milestone before it comes? This webinar addresses preschool readiness, college planning, insurance, and retirement planning. In this panel webinar, we pull together three different experts: Debbie Elder, education expert; Chase Tushaus, investment advisor; and Nguyen […]

Webinar Recording: Paying for College

woman in blue academic dress

College is one of the most expensive things a person ever pays for, and prospective students rarely have the resources to pay for it all outright. Luckily, a combination of savings, grants, and loans can often come together to fund the education a student needs. This webinar addresses expenses to expect, grants and scholarships, student […]

Webinar Recording: Protecting Yourself from Investment Fraud

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Investment fraud is the illegal sale of investment instruments. It can also involve selling you investments on false pretenses. These kinds of scams can promise guaranteed high returns, yet leave you with nothing. This webinar addresses red flags in potential investments, how to check a broker’s credentials, and what to do if you do become […]

Webinar Recording: Investing in Rental Properties for Pilots

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Given the shifting nature of the job market for pilots, it’s not uncommon for them to seek an alternative income stream to weather lean times. Rental property can be one way to generate income without quitting an aviation career. This webinar addresses expected return on investment, mortgage lending rules, day-to-day operations, and more. Andrew Norris, […]

Webinar Recording: Avoid Becoming a Victim of Financial Crime

Scams and cons have always been a problem, but the rise of the internet has kicked these crimes into overdrive. Especially if you’re not tech savvy, it’s easy to fall prey to one without even realizing you’re at risk. This webinar addresses tools to help avoid financial scams. Kaitlynn Frey, of Crime Stoppers of Houston, […]

Webinar Recording: Money Habits for Millennials

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The millennial generation is getting older, and that means more complex finances to manage. Forming good habits now can pay off over time. This webinar addresses retirement savings, tax-efficient strategies, and planning for life. Ethan Brown, an experienced investment advisor, will present. This webinar is ideal for millennials, young adults, and even parents to learn […]

Webinar Recording: Landing Your Dream Pilot Job – Career Advice for Pilots

person holding airplane control panel

Military and civilian pilots have a bright career future ahead, but they may not be used to navigating the job market to land their ideal position. The right career strategies can help. This webinar addresses transitioning out of the military, common job search mistakes, and tangible ways to increase the odds of getting the right […]

Webinar Recording: Get Organized! Tips from a Professional Organizer

person holding notepad and pen flat lay photography

Many people struggle to keep their spaces and time organized. Over time, this lack of organization results in lost documents, missed commitments, and a feeling of helplessness and anxiety. This webinar addresses reasons to get organized, areas of life to organize, and how to bring your life into an order that serves your needs. Ellen […]

Webinar Recording: All About Medicare

green and silver stethoscope on white envelope

Medicare is a subsidized insurance option that covers millions of Americans, but navigating the system can be complex. Even those eligible for Medicare may find they need additional insurance as well. This webinar addresses who is eligible for Medicare, Medicare’s four parts, Medigap insurance, and more. Andy Hardwick, a public affairs specialist for the Social […]

Webinar Recording: Making Sense of the College Application Process

woman and man sitting in front of monitor

Many students and parents assume applying for college is difficult and burdensome, but it doesn’t have to be if it’s managed right. This webinar addresses how to get started, student and parent responsibilities, and a timeline for getting everything done. Julia Tushaus, a college counselor, presents. As someone who’s helped countless high school students choose […]

Webinar Recording: How Pilots and their Heirs Can Avoid High Taxes

gray airplane about to fly on runway

Many pilots have large IRAs or 401(k)s, but these can end up being a liability to their heirs later on. This webinar addresses problems with inheriting retirement funds, tax law at different wealth levels, and possibilities for converting a retirement account to something more beneficial for taxes. Ed Cotney, retired Air Force serviceman and wealth […]

Webinar Recording: Get a Head Start on Taxes and Finances

woman in black blazer sitting at the table

People often avoid handling their finances and taxes until deadlines loom. However, that often means missing out on advantages proper tax planning could provide. This webinar covers best practices for keeping financial records, maximizing deductions, and making sure you put yourself in the optimal position for tax filing. Carly Chohon, CPA, presents. She is experienced […]

Webinar Recording: Charitable Giving 101

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Every year, Americans give over four hundred billion dollars to charity. People want to be generous, yet managing charitable giving can sometimes be a challenge. This webinar will address charting a philanthropic course, common charitable vehicles, and the pros and cons of starting your own charitable foundation. Josh Stamer, the speaker for this webinar, assists […]

Webinar Recording: Four Biggest Tax Mistakes Pilots Make

white and orange airplane wing during sunset

It isn’t wise to try to cheat the IRS of its due, but there’s no need to pay excessive taxes either. With smart planning, pilots can avoid unnecessary taxes and keep their tax burden low. This webinar addresses planning ahead, understanding the tax code, business taxes, and more. Aaron Schaub, pilot and certified public accountant, […]

Webinar Recording: How to Save for Retirement When You Don’t Feel like You Can

man wearing brown knit crew-neck sweater

Saving for retirement is important, but there are always far too many more pressing expenses. But every dollar counts, and careful planning can result in a growing nest egg, even if you start small. This webinar addresses how much to save, obstacles that might be holding you back, and strategies both big and small to […]

Webinar Recording: Are You Ready to be a Family Caregiver?

person's hand in shallow focus

In the US, there are over 65 million unpaid caregivers, most caring for family members. These people provide a vital service, but they rarely receive the support they need to flourish in that role. This webinar addresses the pros and cons of caregiving, signs of burnout, and how to develop a caregiving plan. Annalee Kruger, […]

Webinar Recording: Inflation – What Investors Need to Know in 2022

Investors need the best information to make the most of their money in 2022. In this conversation with David Eads, CFP®, we discuss how the pandemic and the Fed’s response has affected U.S. inflation rates, how inflation affects the value of bonds, and what investors might expect in 2022. Want to Learn More?You may enjoy […]

Webinar Recording: Financial Literacy for Teens and Young Adults

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Successful adults need to know how to navigate their finances, but very little is taught on this topic at school. That leaves parents with the task of teaching these vital skills. This webinar addresses parent and child expectations, setting the stage for success, and the scope and sequence of financial skills. Stephanie Martin, founder of […]

Webinar Recording: Preparing Your Company for Sale

For founders and closely-held business owners, planning for the sale of your business can be a daunting task. This webinar addresses reasons for selling, identifying areas where you can increase the value of your business, and finding a team who will best serve your goals. Kirk Michie, founder of Candor Advisors, presents. He has worked […]