Should I Itemize My Deductions?

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Should you itemize your deductions, or take the standard deduction? The short answer is, you should claim whichever deduction is bigger.

Tax Smart Investing

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The investment choices you make can have a significant impact on the amount of taxes you owe.

How to Choose Charities to Support

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The end of the year is a popular time for giving. Not only is it a major holiday season for many people, but it’s also the last chance to add some tax deductions to next year’s return. But there are millions of charities out there covering thousands of good causes. How do you choose who […]

Webinar Recording: The Employee Retention Credit

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During 2020, small businesses which received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans were not eligible to claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC or ERC) as well. But for 2021, this rule has changed, allowing more businesses to claim the ERTC. This webinar addresses the differences between the rules for 2020 and 2021, retrospective tax credits […]

Webinar Recording: When Do I Need a CPA and When Do I Need a Financial Planner?

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Both accountants and financial planners are crucial parts of a financial team, but their areas of focus are very different. Expecting one to do the job of the other won’t produce the best results. This webinar addresses situations for an accountant, situations calling for a financial planner, and how both can work together. Carly Chohon, […]

Webinar Recording: S Corporation or LLC? Choosing Your Small Business Entity

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Small businesses can be structured in several different ways, the most popular of which are the LLC (limited liability company) and the S corporation. Each comes with its own benefits and disadvantages. This webinar will contrast the two structures’ legal requirements, tax benefits and costs, shareholder compensation, and more. Eric R. Gregg, a certified public […]

Webinar Recording: Tax Considerations in Estate Planning

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One of the largest concerns people have about handing down their legacy is sparing as much as possible of the tax burden on their heirs. Changing tax law can make it difficult to know the best way to organize the estate for the lowest taxes. This webinar addresses trusts, gifts, and recent changes in tax […]

Employment Tax Basics

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How can you save money without reducing your workers’ salary? One way is by being smart with employment taxes.

Alternative Minimum Tax

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The alternative minimum tax reduces the number of deductions high earners can take and can substantially raise their tax bill.

Trusts and How to Use Them

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Trusts can be complicated, but they can also be an invaluable tool to ensure that your assets are distributed the way you want.

Webinar Recording: Investing and Taxes in Retirement

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In this presentation, Dave Zaegel, CFP, CPA, shared his knowledge and expertise in making the most of retirement savings. His lengthy experience as an auditor and accountant inform his financial planning practice and allow him to see both taxes and investing from multiple angles.

Understanding Rental Income

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Understand what rental income actually means, how taxes on it work, and how you can get the most money out of your tax write-offs.

Tax Planning for Small Businesses

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Now is an excellent time to think about planning for your 2021 taxes. If your tax bill was painful this year, maybe next year you can owe less.

Tax Strategy for Businesses

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Learn tax strategies that help your business save money and stay profitable, with the help of a financial advisor.

Plan Ahead for Lower Taxes

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By careful planning during each tax year and clear understanding of the forms as you file, you can minimize the tax you pay each year.

Tax Loss Harvesting

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As you approach the end of the year, you have one last chance to offset investment gains in your taxes. You can save by using tax loss harvesting.

Charitable Deductions

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Donating to charity is part of being a socially conscious business. And if you do, you can get benefits on your taxes!

Charitable Giving

Show love for others with charitable giving

If you’re interested in making more of a difference this year, it may be time to talk to a financial advisor about how you’re donating.


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When you think about taxes, you might first think about your accountant. However, a financial advisor can also help you with your taxes. In 2017, Americans paid a whopping $1.66 trillion in taxes to the federal government. If you feel like you paid more than your fair share of that $1.66 trillion, you might want […]