Webinar Recording: Transitioning from High School to College for the Neurodiverse Student

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Students with special needs often receive adaptations and services during the high school years. Many parents assume that after 18, their child will have to manage without help. In reality, there are more options in college as well. This webinar addresses available supports and planning for educational goals. Stephanie Martin, the presenter, is president of […]

Webinar Recording: Special Needs Estate Planning

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Many special needs parents worry about what will happen to their child in the future. Planning for a child’s needs after the parents are gone is an essential but intimidating task. Advice Chaser hosted a webinar titled, “Advocating For A Bright Future: Providing Quality of Life for Your Loved Ones.” It addressed vital topics like […]

Webinar Recording: Social Security Benefits for Children & Adults with Disabilities

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Disabled individuals can be eligible for benefits through either SSI (Social Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Income), but the amounts and requirements differ. This webinar addressed the requirements for SSDI and SSI, Medicare and Medicaid eligibility, and how to apply for and keep benefits. Social Security Administrator Andy Hardwick was the presenter. His […]

Webinar Recording: Special Needs Trusts

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Being the parent of a special needs child is an intense calling, and it’s one few parents signed up for. The good news is, you can rise to the challenge and be the parent your child needs. Advice Chaser hosted a webinar for parents titled Supporting Children With Special Needs. It addressed adjusting your expectations, […]