Webinar Recording: Social Security 101

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Whether you’re near retirement, face disability, or seek support after the loss of a spouse, Social Security will likely be part of your plans. This webinar addresses retirement benefits, survivors’ benefits, SSDI, SSI, and Medicare. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other webinars:All About MedicareSocial Security Benefits for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Webinar Recording: Social Security 101

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In this presentation, National Social Security Advisor Barbara Bush help us think through the complexities of Social Security, Spousal Benefits, and Medicare. Eric Pyles and Brandon Clarke of Cambridge Financial Services moderate questions from the audience.

Webinar Recording: Social Security Benefits for Children & Adults with Disabilities

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Disabled individuals can be eligible for benefits through either SSI (Social Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Income), but the amounts and requirements differ. This webinar addressed the requirements for SSDI and SSI, Medicare and Medicaid eligibility, and how to apply for and keep benefits. Social Security Administrator Andy Hardwick was the presenter. His […]

Webinar Recording: Working and Maintaining Social Security Benefits

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Many people on disability believe that if they work, they will lose Social Security benefits. In reality, there are many incentives designed to help SSI and SSDI recipients work without losing benefits. This webinar addressed the trial work period, earned income limits, and Medicaid eligibility. Andy Hardwick, public affairs specialist with the Social Security Administration, […]

Can You Work on Disability?

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If you receive disability benefits, you can’t work. Right? Actually, SSI and SSDI have incentives so you can work while receiving benefits.

Webinar Recording: Social Security – Advanced Strategies and Case Studies

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Social Security is an essential part of a retirement plan, but few people feel confident they understand their options. The webinar addressed choosing the right retirement age and accounting for circumstances like marriage and divorce. Participants worked through example case studies and learned how couples and individuals in different circumstances can maximize benefits. Marc Kiner, […]

Spousal Benefits and Social Security

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Spousal benefits are a confusing part of Social Security. How do you know whether to take the benefits for your own work, or your spousal benefits?

Social Security Basics

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Today we will talk about how to qualify, the age you’ll receive your payments, and how your pension affects your Social Security benefits.