Webinar Recording: Medicare and SSDI

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Both disabled people and seniors are eligible for Medicare, but the program is complex and may require you to carry supplementary insurance as well. Learning about Medicare can make it […]

Webinar Recording: Social Security 101

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Whether you’re near retirement, face disability, or seek support after the loss of a spouse, Social Security will likely be part of your plans. This webinar addresses retirement benefits, survivors’ […]

Webinar Recording: Social Security 101

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In this presentation, National Social Security Advisor Barbara Bush help us think through the complexities of Social Security, Spousal Benefits, and Medicare. Eric Pyles and Brandon Clarke of Cambridge Financial […]

Can You Work on Disability?

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If you receive disability benefits, you can’t work. Right? Actually, SSI and SSDI have incentives so you can work while receiving benefits.

Spousal Benefits and Social Security

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Spousal benefits are a confusing part of Social Security. How do you know whether to take the benefits for your own work, or your spousal benefits?

Social Security Basics

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Today we will talk about how to qualify, the age you’ll receive your payments, and how your pension affects your Social Security benefits.