Should You Join AARP?

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AARP is a group with about 38 million members and a flagship magazine that’s the most widely circulated publication in the United States.

Webinar Recording: Moving to Medicare from Employer Coverage

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Switching insurance can be difficult, doubly so when changing to a whole new type of coverage. Those who work past 65 have the option of Medicare or employer coverage, and it’s important to choose the right plan for each situation. This webinar addresses how to choose the best option, avoid Medicare penalties, and manage a […]

Webinar Recording: Situational Social Security

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Social Security is an essential part of a retirement plan, but few people feel confident they understand their options. The webinar addresses the history of Social Security, qualifications for claiming Social Security, and choosing the right retirement age. Marc Kiner, of Premier Social Security Consulting, will present. His decade of experience in Social Security advising […]

Webinar Recording: Working and Maintaining Social Security Benefits

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Many people on disability believe that if they work, they will lose Social Security benefits. In reality, there are many incentives designed to help SSI and SSDI recipients work without losing benefits. This webinar addressed the trial work period, earned income limits, and Medicaid eligibility. Andy Hardwick, public affairs specialist with the Social Security Administration, […]

Social Security Basics

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Today we will talk about how to qualify, the age you’ll receive your payments, and how your pension affects your Social Security benefits.

Estate Planning

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As little as any of us wants to think about death, no one lives forever. However, most people put off estate planning for far too long. Approximately 60% of Americans haven’t even created a will. The temptation to put off the difficult work till later, rather than think about such a grim topic, leaves many […]