Webinar Recording: Preparing Your Company for Sale

For founders and closely-held business owners, planning for the sale of your business can be a daunting task. This webinar addresses reasons for selling, identifying areas where you can increase the value of your business, and finding a team who will best serve your goals. Kirk Michie, founder of Candor Advisors, presents. He has worked […]

Webinar Recording: Transaction Advisory – Preparing a Business to Maximize Enterprise

person holding pencil near laptop computer

When preparing to sell a business, knowledge can translate to increased profit. What drives business value? What kind of buyers will be interested, and what do they value? This webinar addresses setting objectives, different types of buyers, and increasing value by reducing risk. Don Bielen, the presenter for the webinar, has years of expertise in […]

Webinar Recording: Selling Your Business – Optimizing Your Deal Team

It takes a professional, knowledgeable team to sell a business. A better team can mean a better deal—more than paying for the cost of hiring them. This webinar addresses the external team, the internal team, potential pitfalls, and more. Kirk Michie, founder of Candor Advisors, presents. He has thirty years of experience helping business owners […]