Webinar Recording: Getting Laid Off Before You’re Ready for Retirement

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Are you nearing retirement age and anticipating a layoff? Unemployment in your mature working years can be a major source of stress, especially if you aren’t financially prepared to retire. This webinar addresses how to navigate this transition including options for employment, health insurance, lifestyle adjustments, and tax advantages. Blaine Thiederman, a financial planner whose […]

Webinar Recording: Five Reasons to Keep Working After You Retire

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An increasing number of Americans are choosing to keep working after retirement. Is it for you? This webinar addresses benefits of working past retirement, financial impacts, and good side gigs for retirees. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other webinars:Making Your Money Last Through RetirementLeaving a Legacy Beyond Inheritance Part 1Understanding Retirement

Webinar Recording: Five Tips for Single Women Planning their Retirement

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Today, women live longer than ever before, and many of them reach retirement single. How can you navigate this time on your own and optimize your independent golden years? This webinar addresses retirement preparedness, health and long-term care insurance, Social Security considerations, and more. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other webinars:Myths and Facts […]

Webinar Recording: Retiring as a Couple

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You and your spouse may have dreamed for years of your retirement together. How do you make sure this time has room for both of your dreams? This webinar addresses supporting each other’s personal growth, maximizing savings and benefits, and retiring at the same time or separately. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other […]

Webinar Recording: How to Simplify Your Financial Life Before Retirement

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Retirement is a major change, which can come with a certain amount of stress. You’ll reduce the anxiety by streamlining your life. This webinar addresses simplifying your accounts, going paperless and automatic for as much as possible, and focusing on things that bring you the most value. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other […]

Webinar Recording: What are Tax-Advantaged Accounts?

Saving for retirement can be difficult, but it’s easier when you can take advantage of the tax benefits of certain kinds of accounts. Similar tax advantages exist in college and medical savings plans. This webinar will addresses retirement accounts, 529 college accounts, health savings accounts, and more. John O’Bannon lays out the different types of […]

Webinar Recording: All About Medicare

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Medicare is a subsidized insurance option that covers millions of Americans, but navigating the system can be complex. Even those eligible for Medicare may find they need additional insurance as well. This webinar addresses who is eligible for Medicare, Medicare’s four parts, Medigap insurance, and more. Andy Hardwick, a public affairs specialist for the Social […]

Tax Smart Investing

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The investment choices you make can have a significant impact on the amount of taxes you owe.

Webinar Recording: What Do I Do with my Old 401(k)?

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If you have a 401(k) plan from a former employer, what options are available to integrate it into your overall retirement plan? This webinar covers this question as well as how to evaluate your current employer’s plan, what to do about 401(k) loans, and how to use diversification and rebalancing to protect assets from economic […]

Should You Join AARP?

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AARP is a group with about 38 million members and a flagship magazine that’s the most widely circulated publication in the United States.

Webinar Recording: Beneficiary Designations – Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid

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When someone passes away, their assets can be tied up for years in probate court—unless those assets are set to pass directly to a beneficiary. Assets that can transfer without probate include life insurance policies, retirement plans, and payable-on-death accounts. This webinar addresses the importance of naming a primary and contingent beneficiary, how to word […]

Webinar Recording: Why Everyone Should Have a Financial Planner

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While older and richer individuals are more likely to have a financial advisor, even young people and those without high incomes can benefit. Wise management of a small amount of money can help it grow. This webinar addresses benefits of hiring a financial advisor, how to work with one, and goals your financial planner can […]

Webinar Recording: Myths and Facts About Retirement

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On August 10, Advice Chaser hosted a webinar titled, “Myths and Facts About Retirement.” Some myths about retirement refuse to die, leaving potential retirees making the wrong decisions with their savings. This webinar addressed myths about Social Security, Medicare, and the right amount to save. David Morgan, a financial advisor focused on retirement planning, was […]

Webinar Recording: Understanding Annuities

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Annuities promise a stable income throughout retirement, but do they really pay off? Investors need to understand the details of their annuity policy to get the full value. This webinar will address types of annuities, decoding annuity statements, and what to do with an annuity if you choose not to annuitize. Jayce Lowe, wealth manager […]

Webinar Recording: Medicare

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Everyone expects to be eligible for Medicare eventually, if they aren’t already, but few feel confident they understand it. After all, it contains four different parts and an array of options. This webinar addresses qualifications; how to apply; parts A, B, C, and D; options; and how to make the transition to Medicare from employer-provided […]

Medicare Basics

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Medicare is federally-funded health insurance for adults over 65 which also covers some younger adults with disabilities.

Webinar Recording: Social Security 101

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In this presentation, National Social Security Advisor Barbara Bush help us think through the complexities of Social Security, Spousal Benefits, and Medicare. Eric Pyles and Brandon Clarke of Cambridge Financial Services moderate questions from the audience.

Webinar Recording: Situational Social Security

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Social Security is an essential part of a retirement plan, but few people feel confident they understand their options. The webinar addresses the history of Social Security, qualifications for claiming Social Security, and choosing the right retirement age. Marc Kiner, of Premier Social Security Consulting, will present. His decade of experience in Social Security advising […]

Webinar Recording: Investing and Taxes in Retirement

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In this presentation, Dave Zaegel, CFP, CPA, shared his knowledge and expertise in making the most of retirement savings. His lengthy experience as an auditor and accountant inform his financial planning practice and allow him to see both taxes and investing from multiple angles.

Webinar Recording: Financial Basics Series – Understanding Retirement

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Many younger workers aren’t saving for retirement yet and don’t know how to start. But the earlier they start saving, the longer their savings has to grow. This webinar addressed best amounts to save, employer matching, and tax strategy. Kade Hammes, a financial advisor specializing in helping generation X and Y, was the presenter. His […]

Webinar Recording: Working and Maintaining Social Security Benefits

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Many people on disability believe that if they work, they will lose Social Security benefits. In reality, there are many incentives designed to help SSI and SSDI recipients work without losing benefits. This webinar addressed the trial work period, earned income limits, and Medicaid eligibility. Andy Hardwick, public affairs specialist with the Social Security Administration, […]

Webinar Recording: Retirement Plans for Small Businesses in California

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Due to recent legal changes, all businesses will soon have to provide their employees with a retirement account. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a large burden to employers. This webinar addressed legal requirements, private retirement plans, and the state-run CalSavers plan. Connor McDevitt, certified plan fiduciary advisor with EP Wealth Advisors, was the present. […]

Annuities and Your Options

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Having a basic understanding of the pros and cons of annuities can help you decide how to provide for your future needs.

Webinar Recording: Social Security – Advanced Strategies and Case Studies

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Social Security is an essential part of a retirement plan, but few people feel confident they understand their options. The webinar addressed choosing the right retirement age and accounting for circumstances like marriage and divorce. Participants worked through example case studies and learned how couples and individuals in different circumstances can maximize benefits. Marc Kiner, […]

Spousal Benefits and Social Security

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Spousal benefits are a confusing part of Social Security. How do you know whether to take the benefits for your own work, or your spousal benefits?

Planning for a Long Retirement

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None of us can be sure how long our retirement will last. Luckily, it’s possible to plan for a retirement of any length.

Social Security Basics

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Today we will talk about how to qualify, the age you’ll receive your payments, and how your pension affects your Social Security benefits.

Rolling Over a 401(k)

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What are you planning to do with your retirement account from your previous employer? You have choices for how to deal with that money.

Prudent Expert Rule for 401(k)s

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Offering a 401(k) may make your company an appealing job prospect. But it’s important not to ignore the responsibilities you take on.

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

The American Dream tells us that our retirement years should be spent enjoying the fruits of a life of labor. Most people imagine long years of content ahead of them after they stop working. But studies show that today’s workers often lack any substantial amount of savings. Acknowledging this reality can make any retirement at […]

Upcoming Retirement

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Many of us have watched our parents and grandparents wrap up a lifetime of work and settle down to their well-deserved reward of a relaxed retirement. But more and more, today’s generations worry they won’t be able to do the same. Approximately 40% of Baby Boomers plan to work until they die, and future generations […]

Retirement Planning

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Once you hit retirement, you might think that you’ve finally made it. Your job is over and it’s time to glide through the rest of your golden years. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many people. Financial security in your retirement years doesn’t happen automatically. It takes careful planning and strategizing with your money to […]

Five Things to Think About When You’re New to 401(k)s

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401(k) programs are one of the most popular employer-sponsored retirement plans, but they’re not one-size-fits-all. Here are five things to consider as you start on your saving journey.  401(k) programs seem simple on the surface: the employer sponsor takes money out of the employee’s paycheck and invests it according to the employee’s preferences. The vast […]