Webinar Recording: Getting Laid Off Before You’re Ready for Retirement

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Are you nearing retirement age and anticipating a layoff? Unemployment in your mature working years can be a major source of stress, especially if you aren’t financially prepared to retire. This webinar addresses how to navigate this transition including options for employment, health insurance, lifestyle adjustments, and tax advantages. Blaine Thiederman, a financial planner whose […]

Webinar Recording: Five Reasons to Keep Working After You Retire

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An increasing number of Americans are choosing to keep working after retirement. Is it for you? This webinar addresses benefits of working past retirement, financial impacts, and good side gigs for retirees. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other webinars:Making Your Money Last Through RetirementLeaving a Legacy Beyond Inheritance Part 1Understanding Retirement

Webinar Recording: Five Tips for Single Women Planning their Retirement

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Today, women live longer than ever before, and many of them reach retirement single. How can you navigate this time on your own and optimize your independent golden years? This webinar addresses retirement preparedness, health and long-term care insurance, Social Security considerations, and more. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other webinars:Myths and Facts […]

Webinar Recording: Retiring as a Couple

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You and your spouse may have dreamed for years of your retirement together. How do you make sure this time has room for both of your dreams? This webinar addresses supporting each other’s personal growth, maximizing savings and benefits, and retiring at the same time or separately. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other […]

Webinar Recording: How to Simplify Your Financial Life Before Retirement

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Retirement is a major change, which can come with a certain amount of stress. You’ll reduce the anxiety by streamlining your life. This webinar addresses simplifying your accounts, going paperless and automatic for as much as possible, and focusing on things that bring you the most value. What to Learn More?You may enjoy these other […]

Webinar Recording: How to Save for Retirement When You Don’t Feel like You Can

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Saving for retirement is important, but there are always far too many more pressing expenses. But every dollar counts, and careful planning can result in a growing nest egg, even if you start small. This webinar addresses how much to save, obstacles that might be holding you back, and strategies both big and small to […]

Webinar Recording: What’s in Your Portfolio?

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At one time, the word “portfolio” mainly brought to mind stocks and bonds. These days, there are many other options, like mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and more. This webinar will address different products you might have in your portfolio, their risk profile, liquidity, fees, and more. David Eads, financial advisor and wealth manager, presents. Understanding […]

Webinar Recording: Financial Planning – Behind the Scenes

If you’ve never worked with a financial advisor before, you may be curious how the process works. How will you and your advisor visualize your financial data and life dreams and translate that into achievable goals? This webinar addresses financial planning software, individuals’ priorities and dreams, and investment steps to reach those goals. J.R. Gurrieri, […]