Webinar Recording: Investing in Syndicated Multifamily Properties for Pilots

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Investing in multifamily or multiunit real estate can be a powerful way to earn passive income for pilots. This webinar addresses what to expect when you invest in syndication, including working with a sponsor, funding sources, and expected returns. John Rubino, real estate investor and founder of JID Investments LLC, present. What to Learn More?You […]

Webinar Recording: Buying and Selling Your Home at the Same Time

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When a move involves both buying and selling a home, stress and anxiety are doubled. What if you manage to sell but find nothing to buy? What if you’re on target to buy, but your own buyer backs out? This webinar addresses buying, selling, and managing common issues between the two. Glenn Shelhamer, award-winning real […]

Understanding Rental Income

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Understand what rental income actually means, how taxes on it work, and how you can get the most money out of your tax write-offs.