Do Home Values Always Go Up?

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Sometimes home values fail to rise as you hoped or even plummet. What are the odds that a home you buy will continue to increase in value?

Tax Breaks for Land Owners

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There are tax benefits you can access as a landowner to help reduce your tax liability. These can include conservation easements.

Should You Build a Home?

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Instead of looking high and low for the house you want, you can buy land and have professionals build the house of your dreams.

Webinar Recording: Asset Protection Trusts

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In today’s litigious society, individuals at high risk of losing assets often choose to place them in some kind of trust to protect them from liability. But not all trust […]

Timeshares: A Good Vacation Option?

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With a timeshare, you own or rent a week or a month every year in a property, and other part-owners use the property the rest of the time.

Webinar Recording: Women’s Guide to Divorce

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Divorce is a major financial and personal event, and it can be particularly difficult for women. Having a clear plan can help things go much more smoothly. This webinar, our […]

Understanding Rental Income

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Understand what rental income actually means, how taxes on it work, and how you can get the most money out of your tax write-offs.