Webinar Recording: Planning for Retirement

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After a lifetime of hard work, retirement is the dream of most Americans. But that golden time of your life does not happen without careful advance planning. This webinar addresses […]

How to Use Mobile Payment Apps

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The mobile payment app revolution came without instructions. If you’re less tech savvy, it might be hard to know how to get started.

Webinar Recording: Debt

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Debt can be a trap that prevents someone from building wealth, but it can also be a tool used to propel them forward toward goals. It’s vital to learn how […]

Payday Loans and How to Avoid Them

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A payday loan can help you survive just till your next paycheck. But they often begin a debt cycle you will struggle for years to escape.

Webinar Recording: Myths and Facts About Retirement

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On August 10, Advice Chaser hosted a webinar titled, “Myths and Facts About Retirement.” Some myths about retirement refuse to die, leaving potential retirees making the wrong decisions with their […]


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Foreclosure allows lenders to recover some of the amount owed to them by selling or taking ownership of the mortgaged property.


Petition to File For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a process by which you can be forgiven from debts you can no longer pay, while settling with creditors for part of what you owe.

Credit Scores

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Your credit score records, in numerical form, your record at borrowing money and paying it back. Here’s how to boost yours.


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With interest rates at a historic low, many Americans are considering refinancing their mortgage.

Using a Credit Card Wisely

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Many people find a credit card a useful addition to their personal finance toolkit. But it’s vital to learn the rules for wise card use.

Mortgage Basics

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A mortgage is a loan used to buy property, which uses the property as collateral. Mortgages are usually a safe bet and can help you build wealth.

Auto Insurance Basics

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Auto insurance is one of the most necessary types of insurance to buy. But you should thoroughly research your options.

Debt Payoff Strategies

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Whether it’s student loans, credit cards, medical bills, or mortgages, you need to figure out a financial strategy to pay off your debt.

Auto Loan Tips

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Whether you are considering taking out an auto loan or are trying to pay off an existing one, here are some strategies to keep in mind.