Webinar Recording: Understanding Medicare

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Medicare is a government-sponsored healthcare plan for seniors and disabled individuals. While it provides needed healthcare, it can also be frustratingly complex. There are many choices to make, and there […]

Webinar Recording: Medicare and SSDI

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Both disabled people and seniors are eligible for Medicare, but the program is complex and may require you to carry supplementary insurance as well. Learning about Medicare can make it […]

Webinar Recording: How Medicare Part D Works

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Are you confused by Medicare Part D? This webinar addresses the four stages of Medicare Part D, including the coverage gap, deductibles, drug tiers and formularies, avoiding penalties, and using […]

Webinar Recording: Medicare 101

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Older Americans can benefit from this subsidized insurance program, but the coverage and options can be difficult to navigate. Good education on your choices can make a big difference in […]

Webinar Recording: Retiring as a Couple

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You and your spouse may have dreamed for years of your retirement together. How do you make sure this time has room for both of your dreams? This webinar addresses […]

Webinar Recording: All About Medicare

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Medicare is a subsidized insurance option that covers millions of Americans, but navigating the system can be complex. Even those eligible for Medicare may find they need additional insurance as […]