Webinar Recording: What Do I Do with my Old 401(k)?

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If you have a 401(k) plan from a former employer, what options are available to integrate it into your overall retirement plan? This webinar covers this question as well as how to evaluate your current employer’s plan, what to do about 401(k) loans, and how to use diversification and rebalancing to protect assets from economic […]

Webinar Recording: Conflict Resolution

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Whenever staff conflict exists, it’s vital not only to end the conflict, but to address the reasons why it broke out. This webinar addresses seeking connection, finding clarity, and five proven conflict-resolution strategies. Debbie Elder, educator, author, and motivational speaker, presents. She take lessons from the classroom and applies them to the workplace, helping attendees […]

Webinar Recording: Getting Divorced in Retirement

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Getting divorced later in life is an increasingly common phenomenon, but it comes with added challenges. This webinar identifies key challenges in late-life divorce, discusses what happens during a divorce, targets the main financial areas to focus on after divorce, and illuminates key takeaways for how to optimize your retirement years. Lili Vasileff, the speaker […]

Webinar Recording: Transitioning from an Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan to an IRA

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At the end of a period of employment, retirement account holders must decide what to do with their old retirement plan. An error in the transition process could result in hefty tax penalties. This webinar addresses different types of employer-sponsored retirement plans, transfer and rollover options, and required minimum distributions. Rebecca Holden, an investment advisor […]

Webinar Recording: Financial Planning Strategies in your 50s

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A person’s fifties may seem like a stable time, when one’s career peaks and children have left the nest. But retirement is drawimg close, and at the same time aging parents may need support. It’s no time to expect finances to operate on autopilot. This webinar addresses budget management, setting goals, and arranging parents’ care. […]