Do Home Values Always Go Up?

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Sometimes home values fail to rise as you hoped or even plummet. What are the odds that a home you buy will continue to increase in value?

Should You Build a Home?

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Instead of looking high and low for the house you want, you can buy land and have professionals build the house of your dreams.


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Foreclosure allows lenders to recover some of the amount owed to them by selling or taking ownership of the mortgaged property.

FHA Loans for Homebuyers

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Today we’ll discuss FHA loans, one type of government-backed mortgage option. And the best news: they aren’t just for first-time homebuyers!


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With interest rates at a historic low, many Americans are considering refinancing their mortgage.

Mortgage Basics

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A mortgage is a loan used to buy property, which uses the property as collateral. Mortgages are usually a safe bet and can help you build wealth.