Webinar Recording: What Type of Financial Planner Do I Need?

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The word “financial advisor” covers several different types of professionals, with different licenses, who can help you in different ways. Finding the right kind of professional the first time can save you time and money. This webinar addresses the different professional designations, each professional’s responsibility to you, how different advisors are paid, and more. J.R. […]

Webinar Recording: How to Save for Retirement When You Don’t Feel like You Can

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Saving for retirement is important, but there are always far too many more pressing expenses. But every dollar counts, and careful planning can result in a growing nest egg, even if you start small. This webinar addresses how much to save, obstacles that might be holding you back, and strategies both big and small to […]

Webinar Recording: Financial Planning – Behind the Scenes

If you’ve never worked with a financial advisor before, you may be curious how the process works. How will you and your advisor visualize your financial data and life dreams and translate that into achievable goals? This webinar addresses financial planning software, individuals’ priorities and dreams, and investment steps to reach those goals. J.R. Gurrieri, […]

Webinar Recording: The Employee Retention Credit

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During 2020, small businesses which received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans were not eligible to claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC or ERC) as well. But for 2021, this rule has changed, allowing more businesses to claim the ERTC. This webinar addresses the differences between the rules for 2020 and 2021, retrospective tax credits […]

Webinar Recording: When Do I Need a CPA and When Do I Need a Financial Planner?

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Both accountants and financial planners are crucial parts of a financial team, but their areas of focus are very different. Expecting one to do the job of the other won’t produce the best results. This webinar addresses situations for an accountant, situations calling for a financial planner, and how both can work together. Carly Chohon, […]

Webinar Recording: Transitioning Out of the Military Into the Private Sector

Service members who have been in the military a long time may struggle when re-entering the civilian sphere. Career, medical care, taxes, and insurance may all be new and different. This webinar addresses finding your new civilian career, navigating medical benefits, maintaining security clearances, and much more. Derek Martin, investment advisor representative and former Marine, […]

Webinar Recording: Beneficiary Designations – Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid

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When someone passes away, their assets can be tied up for years in probate court—unless those assets are set to pass directly to a beneficiary. Assets that can transfer without probate include life insurance policies, retirement plans, and payable-on-death accounts. This webinar addresses the importance of naming a primary and contingent beneficiary, how to word […]

Webinar Recording: Why Everyone Should Have a Financial Planner

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While older and richer individuals are more likely to have a financial advisor, even young people and those without high incomes can benefit. Wise management of a small amount of money can help it grow. This webinar addresses benefits of hiring a financial advisor, how to work with one, and goals your financial planner can […]

Webinar Recording: Financial Planning Strategies in your 50s

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A person’s fifties may seem like a stable time, when one’s career peaks and children have left the nest. But retirement is drawimg close, and at the same time aging parents may need support. It’s no time to expect finances to operate on autopilot. This webinar addresses budget management, setting goals, and arranging parents’ care. […]