Webinar Recording: Prepare to be a Great College Parent

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Society gives a clear roadmap for parenting young children, but the role of a college parent often remains unspoken and undefined. How can parents support their college students without overparenting or keeping them from feeling like young adults? This webinar addresses defining roles, allowing young adults to make mistakes, and teaching life skills ahead of […]

Webinar Recording: Transitioning from High School to College for the Neurodiverse Student

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Students with special needs often receive adaptations and services during the high school years. Many parents assume that after 18, their child will have to manage without help. In reality, there are more options in college as well. This webinar addresses available supports and planning for educational goals. Stephanie Martin, the presenter, is president of […]

Starting a Family

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When some people imagine having a child, they feel only excitement. Others are gripped by financial anxiety. After all, raising a child isn’t cheap, and the stakes become so much higher with a small person relying upon you. No wonder that some of us “nest” by calculating out our budget to the penny! Having children […]


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When you’re in love, talking about money may seem mundane. 40% of couples don’t talk about how they’ll manage their money before marriage. That’s a problem: solid finances are a vital underpinning to a healthy relationship. Money troubles are the most common stressor on a marriage—worse than chores, in-laws, or annoying habits. Whether you are […]