Webinar Recording: Financial Planning Strategies in your 60s, 70s, and Beyond

man wearing maroon, white, and blue stripe long-sleeved shirt lifting up baby wearing gray onesie

After retirement, more changes come into view on the horizon. It’s a time for building a robust estate plan and preparing to age gracefully. This webinar will address end-of-life planning, estate planning, titling of assets, and involving adult children. Erik Lawrence, a Certified Financial Planning practitioner with twenty years’ experience, presents. After years of advising […]

Webinar Recording: Family Meetings

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For a family to keep and grow its wealth over generations, family cooperation is essential. Every member of the family should understand and participate in the family’s goals and long-term plan. This webinar addresses the dynamics of running a family meeting and possible topics including finding your family’s purpose and educating family members in basic […]