Webinar Recording: How to Hire a Caregiver

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As a senior adult ages, having an at-home caregiver can make it possible for them to remain in their own home. But it’s essential to hire someone competent and reliable. […]

Webinar Recording: Income Protection for Physicians

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If you make your income as a physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist or other medical specialty, you know it’s vital to insure your livelihood. However, many physicians can’t cover this risk with […]

Webinar Recording: Probate Administration

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Probate is a legal process that happens when a person dies or becomes incapacitated, in order to determine what happens to their estate. While it’s possible to bypass it entirely, […]

Trusts and How to Use Them

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Trusts can be complicated, but they can also be an invaluable tool to ensure that your assets are distributed the way you want.

Webinar Recording: Estate Planning 101

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An ironclad will and estate plan can make the difference between a secure future and wasting time and money in probate court. A good plan will include both asset protection […]

Webinar Recording: Elder Law

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Many families believe estate planning is all they need to do to plan for a senior member’s future. In reality, elder law is just as essential to protect a loved […]

Creating a Special Needs Plan

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The greatest fear of many special needs parents is what will happen to their children when they’re gone. A special needs plan is the answer.

Estate Planning

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As little as any of us wants to think about death, no one lives forever. However, most people put off estate planning for far too long. Approximately 60% of Americans […]

Estate Planning For Your Business

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You know the importance of doing estate planning for the future of your family. You can protect your assets and look out for your loved ones when you are no […]