Webinar Recording: Increasing Employee Financial Wellness

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More important than income or net worth, financial wellness measures a person’s ability to meet their own financial goals. When employees experience financial stress, their employer may also be affected. This webinar will address increased stresses due to the pandemic, the negative effects of financial stress, and how employers can promote workers’ financial wellness. Michael […]

Webinar Recording: Motivating and Inspiring Your Employees

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Managers know there’s a world of difference between someone punching a clock and someone inspired to do their best. But motivating employees isn’t easy. Threats and reprimands only make things worse. This webinar addresses building a workplace culture, practicing cooperative management, providing strong leadership, and more. Debbie Elder, educator and motivational speaker, presents. She has […]

Employment Tax Basics

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How can you save money without reducing your workers’ salary? One way is by being smart with employment taxes.