Webinar Recording: Investing 101

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Investing helps you increase your wealth and stay ahead of inflation. The cash you have on hand today can buy real estate or help a business grow, so that in […]

Webinar Recording: Getting Divorced in Retirement

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Getting divorced later in life is an increasingly common phenomenon, but it comes with added challenges. This webinar identifies key challenges in late-life divorce, discusses what happens during a divorce, […]

Webinar Recording: Women and Divorce

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For many women, divorce is a huge financial blow. They may never have expected to support themselves or handle their finances alone. Luckily, education and planning can prepare women for […]

Handling Finances in a Divorce

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When a marriage ends, it’s a huge shift for both partners. Our webinar is a must-see for anyone going through a divorce and worried about finances.


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If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re experiencing the emotional, financial, and time-consuming stress of divorce. You’re not alone, either–almost 800,000 divorces are finalized each year in the United […]