More Employee Benefits

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We’ve already discussed some big-ticket items that make up your benefits package. Now it’s time to look at the cheaper options on the table.

Life Insurance Benefits

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How to Tempt Great Talent by Providing Life Insurance Business owners constantly face the challenge of providing a competitive benefits package at a cost they can afford. One option worth considering is life insurance. In fact, 58% of private-industry workers have life insurance offered as part of their benefits package. To stay competitive with these […]

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

The American Dream tells us that our retirement years should be spent enjoying the fruits of a life of labor. Most people imagine long years of content ahead of them after they stop working. But studies show that today’s workers often lack any substantial amount of savings. Acknowledging this reality can make any retirement at […]

Choosing a Benefits Package for Your Business

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When workers are looking for a job, benefits are essential to their decision. About 80% of workers would choose a job with good benefits over a job with a higher wage. No matter how small your company is, offering benefits is essential to attracting the right talent. You can use everything from paid time off […]