Webinar Recording: When Do I Need a CPA and When Do I Need a Financial Planner?

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Both accountants and financial planners are crucial parts of a financial team, but their areas of focus are very different. Expecting one to do the job of the other won’t produce the best results. This webinar addresses situations for an accountant, situations calling for a financial planner, and how both can work together. Carly Chohon, […]

Webinar Recording: Beneficiary Designations – Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid

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When someone passes away, their assets can be tied up for years in probate court—unless those assets are set to pass directly to a beneficiary. Assets that can transfer without probate include life insurance policies, retirement plans, and payable-on-death accounts. This webinar addresses the importance of naming a primary and contingent beneficiary, how to word […]

Webinar Recording: Why Everyone Should Have a Financial Planner

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While older and richer individuals are more likely to have a financial advisor, even young people and those without high incomes can benefit. Wise management of a small amount of money can help it grow. This webinar addresses benefits of hiring a financial advisor, how to work with one, and goals your financial planner can […]

Webinar Recording: Debt

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Debt can be a trap that prevents someone from building wealth, but it can also be a tool used to propel them forward toward goals. It’s vital to learn how to borrow judiciously and not let debt become a lifestyle. This webinar addresses good and bad debt, debt payoff strategies, and ways to avoid debt. […]

Webinar Recording: Financial Basics Series – Understanding Risk

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This webinar is the next in our series on Financial Basics and addresses risks like death, disability, loss of income, and other vulnerabilities every adult should consider especially as they get married and have children. Our speaker covers common mitigation strategies like insurance and financial planning. Kade Hammes, a financial advisor specializing in young adults, […]

Compound Interest

Compound interest, in its most basic form, means that you earn interest on your interest. You can save a little money and have it multiply.

The Time Value of Money

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What does the time value of money mean? It means that money available at a certain time is worth more than the same amount later.

Webinar Recording: Financial Basics Series – Understanding Debt

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Some people are raised with the philosophy never to go into debt; others find themselves deep in debt by the time they graduate college. Used sensibly, loans can be part of a responsible financial picture. This webinar, in our Young Professionals Series, addressed types of debt, debt repayment strategy, and how to balance paying down […]

Credit Scores

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Your credit score records, in numerical form, your record at borrowing money and paying it back. Here’s how to boost yours.

Webinar Recording: Financial Basics Series – Understanding Retirement

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Many younger workers aren’t saving for retirement yet and don’t know how to start. But the earlier they start saving, the longer their savings has to grow. This webinar addressed best amounts to save, employer matching, and tax strategy. Kade Hammes, a financial advisor specializing in helping generation X and Y, was the presenter. His […]

Mortgage Basics

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A mortgage is a loan used to buy property, which uses the property as collateral. Mortgages are usually a safe bet and can help you build wealth.

Auto Insurance Basics

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Auto insurance is one of the most necessary types of insurance to buy. But you should thoroughly research your options.


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Americans are highly mobile, moving an average of every five years. Some move across town to a better neighborhood; others clear across the country or the world. Relocating is exciting. A new city often means a new neighborhood, a new job, and a new start. However, it can be challenging and even scary as well. […]

Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

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Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home Buying a home is a financial goal for many Americans. But it’s hard to say when is the right time to make such a big step. Too many people have been suckered into subprime mortgages they couldn’t afford, so that the home was an expensive burden rather […]

Financial Literacy: You’ve Got the Power to Build Your Umbrella 

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Increasing your financial knowledge can change your life.    Do you work hard, but still don’t have enough money? Do you try to make careful decisions about your earnings, but still struggle with an increasingly complex and volatile financial world? Do you have more rainy days than sunshine? Don’t feel ashamed–you’re far from alone. Many […]