Webinar Recording: Living with an Aging Parent

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Family care can be an amazing option for an older parent, but it takes good communication and planning. Leaving expectations unspoken can sabotage a living situation that could have worked out. The webinar addresses discussions to have before beginning, creating an exit plan for when the situation is no longer working, and gathering important documents. […]

Webinar Recording: Aging in Place

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Many seniors prefer to spend their last years at home, even as their health begins to decline. This is often possible, but it takes careful planning and support. This webinar addresses what it means to age in place, pros and cons of that option, and how to know when it’s time for another living situation. […]

Webinar Recording: Choosing a Nursing Home for Your Loved One

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As seniors age, they often need residential care at some point. But entrusting their parents to a nursing home that ends up being sub-par is a child’s nightmare. This webinar addresses touring a nursing home, questions to ask, and expected costs. Annalee Kruger, the presenter for this webinar, is a frequent guest in our webinars […]

Webinar Recording: Estate Planning and Long-Term Care

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A good estate plan covers not just inheritance after death, but what happens when the estate owner ages. The plan should include both who makes decisions and how to pay for any necessary care. This webinar addresses guardianships and conservatorships, Medicaid planning, and trusts. William Beyers, an attorney specializing in estate planning, elder law, and […]

Webinar Recording: The Dreaded Words: Dad Fell – Now What?

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No one caring for an aging parent wants to hear their loved one has fallen and been injured. But one in three adults over 65 will eventually suffer a serious fall. This webinar addressed preventing falls, home safety tips, communication strategies with parents, and technology solutions. Annalee Kruger, the speaker for this webinar, is a […]

Webinar Recording: Elder Law

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Many families believe estate planning is all they need to do to plan for a senior member’s future. In reality, elder law is just as essential to protect a loved one’s well-being and assets. This webinar addressed the differences between estate planning and elder law, durable power of attorney documents, and how to help a […]

Webinar Recording: Alzheimer’s

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The news that a relative has this condition can leave a family feeling shaken. More knowledge can empower them to take action. This webinar addressed warning signs, expected progression, and steps a family can take to support a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Annalee Kruger, elder care expert and president of Care Right, Inc., was the […]

Webinar Recording: Building an Emergency Grab and Go Binder

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Medical crises can happen unexpectedly, but families can prepare ahead of time by preparing a binder with all important documents and instructions. This webinar addressed how to discuss plans with family members, why to create a binder, and examples of what families might include in it. Annalee Kruger, elder care expert and founder of CareRight, […]

Planning With Your Senior Parents

Join us for “Difficult Discussions with Your Aging Parents.” Analee Kruger will walk us through creating an aging plan with senior parents.

What is an Aging Plan?

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An aging plan is a plan to help care for your loved ones as they age. Aging is something that happens to everyone, but because it’s a slow process, most people don’t ever think they’ll have to be a caregiver until there’s an emergency.