Introducing the Advice Chaser YouTube Channel

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by Advice Chaser
by Advice Chaser
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If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ve taken a great step toward greater financial literacy. The more you know about your finances and the financial tools available, the smarter decisions you’ll be able to make. That translates into success at managing your money. But that isn’t the only avenue you have to learn more about money management here at Advice Chaser. We also have a YouTube channel!

You’re probably asking, why should you watch our channel when you already read our blog?

It Has New Content

The content on the YouTube channel isn’t the same as the content here on the blog. Instead, it includes instructional videos about Advice Chaser and the recordings of webinars we’ve hosted. If you haven’t had a chance to catch all the webinars, this is your opportunity to learn the same material on your own time.

Advice Chaser’s webinars feature financial advisors we work with, teaching you all about their areas of expertise. It’s like a free consultation with a financial expert!

Video Is a Great Way to Learn

Not everyone learns best by reading. Video allows you to both look and listen, using more of your brain and keeping your attention on what you’re learning. Since the videos aren’t live, you can pause to take notes or go back to a part you didn’t understand.

In this age of virtual learning, teachers are using video more and more to engage students. No matter how old you are, our YouTube channel can help you keep your focus when you’re learning topics that might feel dry when you read about them.

Video Is Easy to Access Anywhere

YouTube goes everywhere you go, since almost all phones have the YouTube app. If you learn mainly by listening, you don’t necessarily need to watch the screen to enjoy the videos. You can play our videos while washing dishes, going for a run, or doing your daily commute.

Think of the amount of time you’ve wasted scrolling through social media, just because you were bored—waiting in line, drinking coffee, waiting for your kids to get tired. Why waste those minutes? Our lives only get busier, but getting a little financial education while you’re doing other things can make dead time go a lot faster.

Our Videos Come to You

If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll always be notified when we post something new. We won’t flood you with content, but every few weeks you’ll get a new, informative video to watch.

It’s an easy way to make sure financial literacy doesn’t get forgotten. Our video about retirement investing, for instance, might help you remember to take a look at your 401(k). Instead of waiting until a crisis to Google how your 401(k) works, you can keep your finance skills sharp with our informative videos. New content will hit your inbox or your YouTube app as soon as we post it.


Subscribe today to be sure you never miss a video. There are only a few videos on our YouTube channel as of this writing, but we’re constantly working on more to bring free financial education right to your phone. Why not watch what we have up now, and subscribe to catch the rest as soon as they are posted? It’s an easy way to learn more about your finances without even getting up.

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