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When you think about taxes, you might first think about your accountant. However, a financial advisor can also help you with your taxes. In 2017, Americans paid a whopping $1.66 trillion in taxes to the federal government. If you feel like you paid more than your fair share of that $1.66 trillion, you might want […]

Starting a Family

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When some people imagine having a child, they feel only excitement. Others are gripped by financial anxiety. After all, raising a child isn’t cheap, and the stakes become so much higher with a small person relying upon you. No wonder that some of us “nest” by calculating out our budget to the penny! Having children […]


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When you’re in love, talking about money may seem mundane. 40% of couples don’t talk about how they’ll manage their money before marriage. That’s a problem: solid finances are a vital underpinning to a healthy relationship. Money troubles are the most common stressor on a marriage—worse than chores, in-laws, or annoying habits. Whether you are […]

Estate Planning

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As little as any of us wants to think about death, no one lives forever. However, most people put off estate planning for far too long. Approximately 60% of Americans haven’t even created a will. The temptation to put off the difficult work till later, rather than think about such a grim topic, leaves many […]

New Job

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Congrats on getting a new job offer! You’ll be adjusting to new coworkers, new job responsibilities, and more. In the middle of these changes, don’t let your financial goals start slipping. As you’re making the transition to a new job, or if you’re deciding if you should take a job offer, talk with your financial […]


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Americans are highly mobile, moving an average of every five years. Some move across town to a better neighborhood; others clear across the country or the world. Relocating is exciting. A new city often means a new neighborhood, a new job, and a new start. However, it can be challenging and even scary as well. […]


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A good budget covers all your usual expenses. However, no budget can cover every unexpected event: a house fire, a broken bone, a car accident. Few people have enough money on hand to deal with any of these emergencies at any given time. Enter insurance, where instead of paying for each event, you pay based […]

What to Expect When You’ve Just Received an Inheritance

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Receiving an inheritance can be a bittersweet occasion. While your heart aches for your lost loved one, you’re also full of gratitude for the gift they’re leaving for you. Because it’s such an emotionally charged situation, it’s easy to make hasty decisions and impulsively spend money you shouldn’t. That’s especially true if it comes in […]


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If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re experiencing the emotional, financial, and time-consuming stress of divorce. You’re not alone, either–almost 800,000 divorces are finalized each year in the United States. Couples involved in a divorce can spend up to several years negotiating terms and severing ties. In contested cases, they can spend tens of […]

Upcoming Retirement

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Many of us have watched our parents and grandparents wrap up a lifetime of work and settle down to their well-deserved reward of a relaxed retirement. But more and more, today’s generations worry they won’t be able to do the same. Approximately 40% of Baby Boomers plan to work until they die, and future generations […]