Do Industry Scandals Matter to Investors?

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In my work for Advice Chaser, a professional referral service, I sometimes have the opportunity to speak directly with investors who are looking for a financial advisor. I spoke with a man the other day who wanted to know what I thought of Ken Fisher and whether I had experienced Ken’s brand of behavior while […]

The Financial Advisor’s Irreplaceable Power in the New Market: Empathy 

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Advisors have the opportunity to be a powerful force for good in their clients’ lives. Many clients who are actively seeking financial advice aren’t open to receiving it until they feel safe and supported.  Robo-advisors have been causing a lot of commotion in the financial world. For a long time, conventional wisdom has recommended that […]

Financial Advisors: Are You LinkedIn?

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Before the tech revolution, the way people referred new clients to financial advisors was usually through in-person networks–church, Rotary Club, golf.  You may have noticed that the world has changed, and with it, the expectations of the typical investor. They tend to look up their advisors online, and lack of web presence translates into lack […]