Succession Planning

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When the unexpected hits your business, you need to have something in place that keeps it, and you, protected. Now, you may be saying that you have some sort of understanding in place, but when trouble hits, understandings can be easily misunderstood! Legal paperwork helps prevent both questions and problems. Working with a financial advisor […]

Profit and Loss for New Business Owners

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Do you know how well your business is doing–really doing? Over 627,000 new businesses open each year, but almost half of them fail before they hit the five-year mark. Are you on track to beat the odds? Or are you about to become a statistic? Maybe you have clients or customers, and revenue comes in […]

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

The American Dream tells us that our retirement years should be spent enjoying the fruits of a life of labor. Most people imagine long years of content ahead of them after they stop working. But studies show that today’s workers often lack any substantial amount of savings. Acknowledging this reality can make any retirement at […]

Managing Your Investments When You Own a Business

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There are over 30 million small businesses in the U.S. Many of the owners think of their business as an investment—a way to grow their money and fund their retirement. But just having a business isn’t an investment strategy. To grow your personal wealth, you need to invest both in the business and outside it. […]

Managing Risks in Your Business

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No risk, no reward. Managing risk is an essential part of running a business. A company that isn’t prepared for the worst can be destroyed by bad luck. A well-prepared company can weather misfortune and continue building wealth. The risks of running a business can range from physical risk–say, a hurricane wiping out your offices–to […]

Choosing a Benefits Package for Your Business

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When workers are looking for a job, benefits are essential to their decision. About 80% of workers would choose a job with good benefits over a job with a higher wage. No matter how small your company is, offering benefits is essential to attracting the right talent. You can use everything from paid time off […]

Estate Planning For Your Business

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You know the importance of doing estate planning for the future of your family. You can protect your assets and look out for your loved ones when you are no longer around. This takes on an even greater significance when you own your own business. Not only do you need to think about your own […]

Managing Cash Flow With the Help of a Professional

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In any business, money is constantly coming in and going out. The amount of cash and cash equivalents that come into and out of your business is called cash flow. This isn’t the same as profit—profit is how much money you make. if you are making a tidy profit but it’s all sunk into paying […]