Tax Strategy for Businesses

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Learn tax strategies that help your business save money and stay profitable, with the help of a financial advisor.

Charitable Deductions

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Donating to charity is part of being a socially conscious business. And if you do, you can get benefits on your taxes!

More Employee Benefits

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We’ve already discussed some big-ticket items that make up your benefits package. Now it’s time to look at the cheaper options on the table.

Prudent Expert Rule for 401(k)s

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Offering a 401(k) may make your company an appealing job prospect. But it’s important not to ignore the responsibilities you take on.

Life Insurance Benefits

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How to Tempt Great Talent by Providing Life Insurance Business owners constantly face the challenge of providing a competitive benefits package at a cost they can afford. One option worth considering is life insurance. In fact, 58% of private-industry workers have life insurance offered as part of their benefits package. To stay competitive with these […]

Succession Planning

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When the unexpected hits your business, you need to have something in place that keeps it, and you, protected. Now, you may be saying that you have some sort of understanding in place, but when trouble hits, understandings can be easily misunderstood! Legal paperwork helps prevent both questions and problems. Working with a financial advisor […]

Profit and Loss for New Business Owners

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Do you know how well your business is doing–really doing? Over 627,000 new businesses open each year, but almost half of them fail before they hit the five-year mark. Are you on track to beat the odds? Or are you about to become a statistic? Maybe you have clients or customers, and revenue comes in […]