Benefit Corporations and B Corps

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Benefit corporations are companies that prioritize the “triple bottom line” of environmental, social, and financial benefit.

What Is a Leveraged Buyout?

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In a leveraged buyout, not only is the purchase financed with debt, but the business itself becomes collateral for that debt.

Webinar Recording: Retirement Income Planning

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It’s hard to plan for retirement when you don’t know how much you’ll need. Estimating your retirement income can help optimize your planning. The saving stage of retirement planning is […]

Webinar Recording: Wealth and Wellness

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Money is nice to have, but your future is on shaky ground if you don’t also take care of your health. This webinar will address building a foundation by dreaming […]

What Is Private Equity?

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Generally, private equity consists of a firm which collects investments from others before purchasing assets such as businesses.

Webinar Recording: Special Needs Trusts 101

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Parents of adults with disabilities often want to set aside funds for their child’s needs. But simply putting the money in your child’s name can disqualify them from the benefits […]

Webinar Recording: Misconceptions About Annuities

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Confused about annuities? Learn about fixed, variable, and indexed annuities, and gain insights on their pros and cons as well as cash out and transfer options. Whether you’re planning for […]

Banking for Businesses

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Once you’ve founded a small business, the next milestone is opening a business bank account. Here are a few tips about banking as a business.

Corporate Philanthropy

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One way many business owners like to contribute is through corporate philanthropy—giving to charity as a business.

Taxes for Your Small Business

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You will likely do most of your company’s tax work yourself at first. Are you up to the challenge of paying taxes as a small business owner?