Personal Finances for Politicians

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Running for a minor office doesn’t have to be complicated. It will take a little financial forethought, but it isn’t out of reach.

Benefit Corporations and B Corps

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Benefit corporations are companies that prioritize the “triple bottom line” of environmental, social, and financial benefit.

What Is a Leveraged Buyout?

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In a leveraged buyout, not only is the purchase financed with debt, but the business itself becomes collateral for that debt.

What Is Private Equity?

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Generally, private equity consists of a firm which collects investments from others before purchasing assets such as businesses.

Insurable Interest

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Insurance companies require you to prove that you have an insurable interest in the thing or person you’re attempting to insure.

Do Home Values Always Go Up?

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Sometimes home values fail to rise as you hoped or even plummet. What are the odds that a home you buy will continue to increase in value?

Is AirBNB Going to Crash?

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Short term rentals seemed like the perfect way to maximize income from a real estate investment. They can earn far more over the same time period than long-term rentals. But […]

Multi-Family Living 

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Could a multi-family home—roommates, multi-generational living, or a group home—be the right choice for you?

Yield Farming: Risks and Rewards

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One popular new process, called yield farming, allows cryptocurrency to function more like a bank where you can deposit money for interest.

Common Inflation Measurements

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With so much inflation lately, it’s worthwhile to learn the different types of inflation measurements and what each one means.

How Special Needs Trusts Work

Having assets as a disabled person can be a problem. Owning too much can destroy your eligibility for benefits. Or, if you’re the parent of a disabled person, it can […]

Tax Breaks for Land Owners

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There are tax benefits you can access as a landowner to help reduce your tax liability. These can include conservation easements.

How the SEC Protects Investors

The SEC writes regulations for the financial sphere. Though sometimes these regulations may seem burdensome, many of them protect you.

Should You Go Mortgage Free?

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If you’re making good headway on your financial goals, you may want to figure out whether trying to go mortgage free is right for you. 

Can You Really Earn Passive Income?

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A lot of “passive income” ideas are really scams, encouraging you to spend money on something that won’t actually let you quit your job.

Where Did My Money Go?

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Wondering where your money went? It’s time to learn how to track your spending after the fact.

Renting to Own

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While less common than conventional renting, rent to own has advantages for both renter and landlord.

What Is Market Manipulation?

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Market manipulation is when someone artificially inflates or depresses the price of a stock in order to profit.

Banking for Businesses

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Once you’ve founded a small business, the next milestone is opening a business bank account. Here are a few tips about banking as a business.

Are You Penny Wise, Pound Foolish?

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Being “penny wise and pound foolish” means carefully saving small amounts of money, but failing to keep track of the bigger picture.

What Is the Value of Your Home?

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If you own a home, it’s probably your largest asset. Its value, minus what you owe on your mortgage, is a large part of your wealth. But the actual value […]

Corporate Philanthropy

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One way many business owners like to contribute is through corporate philanthropy—giving to charity as a business.

Should You “Buy the Dip”?

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The economy is doing better than many analysts thought, but it’s still on shaky ground. Several banks have failed, interest rates are rising, and many big tech companies have laid […]