Our friend, Chuck Ballou, from Ballou Family Services, wrote an article about what he’s learned from the five major market downturns he’s experienced in his career as a financial advisor. We’re really grateful to work with great advisors like Chuck who have the skills, experience, and professionalism to help a wide variety of investors.

The Coronavirus induced a stock market decline, it represents the fifth major decline I have experienced since I began my career in the financial industry in 1972. Each of the five declines came about for a different reason but they all have certain things in common: 1) They were extreme declines; 35-50% from the previous peak; 2) they were accompanied with much fear and concern; and 3) no one could tell when they would end until after the fact.

The previous four did have an end point and my experience and knowledge of the markets tells me that this one will end as well, it is that timing that is currently unknown.

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